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Generosity is the foundation of our practice. We offer all of our classes, retreats and courses with the spirit that no one is turned away for lack of funds. Your generous investments helps us create a more sane, compassionate and joyful community. Money well spent.

Perfectly Here is a Non-Profit 501C3 Organization under Mindful Valley. Your contributions are fully tax deductible. “Mindfulness is the key to being the best person you can be, otherwise you just drift through life unable to create your own legacy.” Philip Henderson
DONATE Fund-raiser:
this year our Fund-Raising goal is $100,000. With this money we keep the center viable so that we may implement and firmly establish programs that will guide and train public servants and their families. These public servants include: Fire-fighters, law enforcement, teachers, paramedics, ER personnel and others who serve and protect us.

Perfectly Here Legacy Society:
Many people reach their mid-life and realize their life lacks purpose and meaning. They look for a purpose and often it is so hard to start something. If that is you, don’t give up. We have done the work by offering this opportunity to all who want to leave a legacy behind. Our programs are designed to transform the community into happier, healthier and wiser community. Your contribution is an investment in the society. Leave behind a legacy that is worthy of you. Leave a legacy that can benefit all beings with an immeasurable ripple effect for hundreds of years to come.

Every gift counts, and every gift is meaningful. From the list below pick the legacy that you feel drawn to:

Legacy Society CHAMPION DONOR Circle:

Legacy of Freedom: $25,000 and up

Legacy of Joy: $10,000 – $24,999

Legacy of Gratitude: $5,000 – $9999

Legacy of Compassion: $2,000 – $4,999

Legacy of Courage: $500 – $1,999

Legacy of Family: $100 – $499

Legacy of Friend: $10 to $99

Our public servants need your support. Together, we can build a healthier, wise and ultimately a more joyful community.

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May you be filled with joy, courage and love.