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    September 17, 2016 10:30 am - 11:30 am

    Y101: Youth Mindfulness

    Starting Sat, May 20 from 12-1pm


    “Grow Up!” “Don’t be a baby!” “Why do you argue all the time?” “Pay attention.” “Put away your phone.”

    Adolescence is a time of tumultuous change that is more about brain development and emotional balance than hormones or puberty.

    At Perfectly Here, we provide our students the tools they need to get through this rough period. Through a variety of discussions and activities the youth learn where their feelings come from, how to manage those feelings, and how to take responsibility for their words and actions. Mindfulness training has been shown to improve school performance, increase quality social relations and help youth live a happier and healthier life.

    Mindfulness practices have proven to help the brain integration process towards mental and emotional maturity.

    While it is not too late for adults to learn mindfulness and benefit from a more integrated brain; it works even better for the youth. Give your son or daughter a gift they can benefit from all their lives. Some of the benefits students have reported are strengthened concentration, decreased stress and anxiety, improved self-esteem and increased performance in schools.

    What is Mindfulness?
    Mindfulness is the ability to feel one’s feelings and emotions without dramatizing nor minimizing its meaning. Being present, aware and attentive, responding rather than reacting.

    Research has shown Mindfulness:

    • Supports “readiness to learn”
    • Strengthens focus and concentration
    • Decreases stress and anxiety
    • Promotes self-reflection and self-calming
    • Improves impulse control
    • Develops natural conflict resolution skills
    • Improves self-esteem

    Schools teaching Mindfulness report:

    • Higher test scores on standardized tests
    • Fewer disciplinary issues
    • Less social conflicts
    • Fewer reports of bullying
    • Enhanced positive school climate

    Joel McNenny – Joel is a licensed mental health therapist specializing in mindfulness-based therapy and a licensed school counselor. He holds two Masters degrees (Kent State; Malone University) one in teaching and one in counseling. In addition, he has also created a K-4 mindfulness program, implemented a year-long mindfulness curriculum for a public school system and taught mindfulness at teacher seminars, senior citizen centers, churches and elsewhere.

    Location and Parking Instructions
    This class will take place in Tarzana at: 19100 Ventura Blvd #5, Los Angeles, CA 91356. Parking is free and there no time limits in the front after 6:00pm. There are also plenty of free parking in the lot behind Tarzana Cultural Center. When you arrive at the shopping center go to the second floor and go all the way to the East side of the building. Go into the hallway and we will be the last door on the right.

    Refund, Make-up and Cancellation Policy
    Class Refunds must be requested before 5pm on Friday of the first week of class. There will be a $25 administrative fee. After the first Friday we cannot give refunds. Refunds should be requested by emailing: register@perfectlyhere.org. Perfectly Here reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. Registrants will be notified in advance of the class. No refunds or credits are given to registrant “no-shows”.


    If you miss a class, you may make it up during a current series or the series immediately following. No refund or prorate will be issued for missed classes. Students may Postpone a class. In this case, credit towards a future class will be provided if a registrant notifies us by phone or email in advance of 5pm on Friday of the first week of the class series. Future class must be made up on the class immediately following the missed class series. (For example: if postponing a May/June class series you will have to use your credit and enroll in the July/August class series)

    What to Bring
    All you need is comfortable clothing. Chairs and cushions are provided.

    Class Capacity
    We close registration at 30 students per class.

    First Responders and their families are free of charge thanks to our generous donors to the Mindfulness for First Responders Campaign. For exact pricing of classes click “Click Here to Register”.

    Time and Date
    This class takes place on:

    • Y101 – Saturday, May 20 – June 24 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm