Missing Signs? Wrong Destination!

3001, 2019

Missing Signs? Wrong Destination!

Missing Signs? Wrong Destination!
by Manijeh Motaghy
Missing Signs? Wrong Destination! is a story of how we can unknowingly take the wrong path and end up at the wrong destination. Miss all signs that indicate the direction and the destination, both literally and metaphorically. Years ago, my son, Kuroosh, who regularly competed at horse shows was participating at […]

1601, 2019

Football, Mindfulness, Adrenaline and Temporary High or Lasting Bliss?

Football Season?
Adrenaline and Temporary High or Lasting Bliss?
Watching Football? Mindfully? How?
Is it Football Season at your home? Does it get all rowdy? Football Mindfulness Adrenaline. Watching Mindfully can reduce the sense of failure or false ego dependence. 

I got a text message this morning about this Sunday’s football games. “A real big thing!!!” The caller said. […]