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Didn’t You Wish As a Child?

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2202, 2019

Didn’t You Wish As a Child?

Didn’t You Wish As a Child?
By Manijeh Motaghy

Some of you know that I’m Persian, born in Iran. I often wonder, why is it that historically, the people of Iran did not formally pick up the teachings that the Buddha laid out for us so generously and compassionately. Like many ancient cultures and nations, Iranians already […]

802, 2019

Love, Communication, Mindfulness

Love, Communication, Mindfulness
Let The Mind Collapse.
by Manijeh Motaghy
It is easy to love and respect others when things are going well and favourably. They love you, praise you, do what you ask them to do. But what happens when the other person, your kid, spouse, sibling, parent, friend, lover, co-worker or boss is not hearing you […]

3001, 2019

Missing Signs? Wrong Destination!

Missing Signs? Wrong Destination!
by Manijeh Motaghy
Missing Signs? Wrong Destination! is a story of how we can unknowingly take the wrong path and end up at the wrong destination. Miss all signs that indicate the direction and the destination, both literally and metaphorically. Years ago, my son, Kuroosh, who regularly competed at horse shows was participating at […]

1601, 2019

Football, Mindfulness, Adrenaline and Temporary High or Lasting Bliss?

Football Season?
Adrenaline and Temporary High or Lasting Bliss?
Watching Football? Mindfully? How?
Is it Football Season at your home? Does it get all rowdy? Football Mindfulness Adrenaline. Watching Mindfully can reduce the sense of failure or false ego dependence. 

I got a text message this morning about this Sunday’s football games. “A real big thing!!!” The caller said. […]

2507, 2018

Succeeding With An Alternative Addiction Treatment

Succeeding With An Alternative Addiction Treatment
Photo credit by Pexels.

Traditionally, addiction treatment has been synonymous with 12-step recovery but what if it’s not working for you? Today there are many alternative treatment programs available with their own pros and cons. Let’s see what they offer and whether or not you should try them.
The Downside of 12-Step […]

2806, 2018

Mindfulness of the World Interdependence Day!

Mindfulness of the
World Interdependence Day!
A Reflection by: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy
If there isn’t a World Interdependence Day, there should be one! More and more, not only scientists
and philosophers but also those who practice the art of reflection are becoming aware of how
dependent we all are and everything in the world really is. Without something being there […]

806, 2018

Practice Makes Perfect

Won’t You Be Mine? Won’t You Be Mine? Won’t You Be My Neighbour?
Mr Roger and Neighbour,

How does practice makes perfect? I was watching a video of Mr. Rogers from 1969 that someone posted on Facebook. Mr. Rogers was in front of the congress making a case for his television show to get approval for funding. […]

2305, 2018

Navigating The Emotions of a Mother

Navigating Emotions of a Mother
Self-Compassion Can Literally Save Your Life!
By: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

May 17, 2018

This Mother’s Day was one of the most difficult occasions I’ve ever experienced. Most of you know that I lost my son less than a year ago. This was the first Mother’s Day without him. It was weird, somber.  I didn’t […]

301, 2018

Nudges on the Lake

Nudges on the Lake
By Joel McNenny, PC
I’ve always been a water person. My greatest memories of the joys of being alive center around lakes, rivers and oceans. I was one of those babies who learned to walk by diaper-floating. In my youth, waterskiing was the passion. My friends and I would go out after working […]