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It’s Not Easy To Be Human!

A Compassionate Journey and Method to Overcome Self-Created Suffering, Achieve Fulfillment, and Promote Planetary Well-Being with Real Stories and Research-Based Insights.


Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Organizational Psychologist

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About the Book

Have you ever thought why it’s not easy to be human? Why there’s always one thing after another? You can’t just get it right and keep it that way?

It’s Not Easy To Be Human is a compassionate exploration into the human condition, understanding the complexities and inherent difficulties that come with living as a human being. Dr. Manijeh Motaghy unfolds the reasons behind our struggles, from the emotional and psychological to the societal and ecological.

It provides an inspiring holistic empathic guide that aims to serve humanity by providing wisdom and practical life lessons for self-improvement, as well as systemic, and societal transformation.

We are blessed to receive a forward from the Venerable Ajahn Pasanno:

“The book tries to use a modern framework of concepts, investigation of systems, and a more global awareness in a search into the age-old questions of how to live with a freedom from dissatisfaction and to live with happiness as our foundation.

These are worthy topics of exploration and, hopefully, the reader will find attitudes, perspectives, tools, and models of lifestyle that will be relevant and useful. Manijeh’s wish for transformation is important to recognize as possible for anyone who puts their attention to reflection and training.” All good wishes, Pasanno Bhikkhu

Ajahn Passano

About the Author

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is an Organizational Psychologist and UCLA Affiliate Mindfulness teacher. Her experience in teaching and developing thousands of people through her non-profit, Perfectly Here, as well as training teams and executives at fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Health Net, and Kaiser afforded her deep insight into the inner workings of the human mind and reasons for getting stuck in emotional and relational difficulties.

She has designed and implemented hundreds of courses and retreats, published hundreds of blogs, and spoken at numerous conferences and summits and universities globally.

Most importantly, Manijeh shares how she learned to heal herself and her own childhood traumas as well as the pain of immense grief over the loss of her son, and gained optimal inner peace and joy.

Manijeh’s ongoing personal practice, development, and Life Optimization Methodology continue to have a real positive impact on her students, clients, and the global community.

She is an AI Enthusiast and a contributor on the Planet Positive 2030 project for Stanford Advanced Technology for a Sustainable Planet, offering recommendations on how to address human transformation in order to address climate change globally.

Book Content

  1. Personal stories and examples
  2. Scientific references
  3. Unique wholistic and holistic approach to Three Domains of Life
  4. A Five-Stage Human-Software Optimization Method Methodology to acquire these Life Intelligence Lessons.
  5. 16 plus Life Intelligence Lessons to address and optimize human experience and happiness
  6. 18 plus Life Intelligence Lessons to address and improve systemic issues
  7. 8 powerful Life Intelligence Lessons to address issues related to human disconnection and exploitation of planetary resources and inspiring stewardship

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