Couple’s Relationship & Communication:

A Mindfulness Workshop

“Life is a moment away from ending and we ought to live it fully, or we will miss out.” Manijeh Motaghy

Sunday, May 26 – 10am to 1pm


Couple’s Relationship and Communication is a Mindfulness Workshop. We are learning machines and capable of teaching as well. We can actually teach someone else how to behave by modelling, by creating a loop that provides positive harmonious and joyous feedback. Doing that needs skills and you can learn these skills.

It’s important to note, Relationships and Communication are not separate. It is an art or technology, a language that can be perfected. Like any other skill it needs to be practiced with the right tools. Having the right tools is one thing, using those tools effectively is another. Also, there are conditions and obstacles in the way of loving, caring and effective communication, that need to be recognized and released. These conditions could be environmental, physical, emotional or mental. They maybe hidden in one’s psyche from the past or be the effect of each present moment experience. They maybe habitual ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Fortunately, you are not stuck with poisonous unmotivated ways of relating to one another. With compassionate, knowledgeable and competent guide these obstacles can be revealed and removed.

Receive guidance on how to become more and more skilful and satisfied in your relationships. In ways that impact and uplift every area of your life. What’s important is that life is a moment away from ending and we ought to live it fully, or we will miss out.

In This Workshop You Will Learn:

  1. The secret of Mindfulness to reduce worry, anxiety, judgment / shame and blame.
  2. Ways to reduce triggers/habitual coping mechanisms and defuse tense situations.
  3. Communication goal and better responses.
  4. Ways to get your partner’s attention. Conquer the obstacle of media and phones.
  5. How to strengthen trust and confidence.
  6. Ways to connect that feels welcoming and safe.
  7. The art of Loving/kindness – Joy, Gratitude and Compassion.
  8. Simple Mindful Awareness practices you can do on a daily basis.
  9. Plan for a date night.
“Nothing can change until you learn how to change it.” Manijeh Motaghy
Join us in a friendly and kind atmosphere to learn and grow so life can be easier and happier.


Deer Sanctuary Retreat House: 9320 Hartman Way, West Hills, CA 91304

Presenters for Couple’s Relationship, Communication: A Mindfulness Workshop:

Manijeh Motaghy, PsyD. OMC

Relationship, Communication, Mindfulness

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Esther Gobrial, LMFT (Marriage Family Counsellor)

MFT Presenter

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$148 for the couple

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Refunds are given if requested within 7 days in advance of the day of the Seminar. There will be a $25 administrative fee. There is no refund after this date. Refunds should be requested by emailing: