MLO Program Overview

Mindful Life Optimization courses and programs are based on the signature evidence-based educational programs of UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Our courses are open to the public and to all UCLA staff, faculty, and students.

MLO 101 begins with the four foundations of Mindfulness, applications of Mindfulness in stress reduction, daily activities, and communication. All MLO courses particularly include lectures and practices to develop a healthier more connected relationship with the environment and green living.

Each class includes lecture, practice, group feedback, and discussion in a supportive community environment with classes no larger than 25-40 students. Students report group interactions as one of the most helpful and inspiring aspects of their experience.

Our MLO instructors have years of experience in mindfulness practices and have an ongoing development process. MLO draws wisdom from Buddhist psychology, science, and practical applications helpful for people of all backgrounds and religions.

Our programs help create healthier lifestyles, increase resilience, and empathy, reduce stress, anxiety, and biases, improve the immune system, inspire equitable practices, and encourage a sustainable green lifestyle for this and future generations.

While developing Life Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence, you become free from a reactionary brain.

This comprehensive collection of courses are life-transforming and uplifting, aligned with the UN’s Inner-Developmental Goals. See our course catalog and the list of upcoming courses below.