Kuroosh Compassionate Healing And Recovery Program (KC-HARP)

The Kuroosh Compassionate Healing And Recovery Program came about by the hearth-break of a mother who lost a beautiful son.  A young man who had a compassionate heart and intention for healing for all. This program is designed to help educate and heal those who are so heavily impacted by the conditions involved in addiction and craving. We want to make sure his life is  not lost for nothing. We want to honor all the lost lives due to addiction and help their families find solace with their loss. We want to teach them how to remain kind and compassionate, respectful and encouraging. The following are the five teachings of this program:

The Five Kuroosh Compassionate Healing And Recovery Program Teachings:

  1. Peace and Release – letting go of pain, of the past towards one’s peace and happiness is a skill that can be cultivated.
  2. Being & Seeing a whole person – Being one and seeing others as a whole person not just the addict or the negative
  3. Compassion For Self and Others – towards oneself and others – a warm understanding of inevitability of failure, not taking things personal
  4. Giving up The Obligation To Suffer – not being so attached and determined to suffer. It is not necessary for happiness.
  5. Taking responsibility for Happiness – being responsible is having the ability to respond. Learning how to respond with an aim towards happiness. Learning how to be happy and not putting that responsibility on anyone or anything else.

The above teachings are for everyone. We hope that you would find it helpful to learn, practice and embody these principals that lead to happiness and well-being. We also hope that you would join us in this effort in anyway you can. By your attendance, your financial support, your volunteer work and by spreading the word.

What happened at the day of peace and release?

  • Cindy Goldman provided her mansion of a home. Such beauty and peacefulness there.
  • Dr. James David Adams Pharmacologist provided incredible information about plant based pain killers.
  • Dr. Stephen Johnson told us how it is to be a man, the challenges and strengths of it all.
  • Cathy Castagnsa LMFT spoke of important elements in addiction, family and what to look for
  • Chantel Zimmerman introduced us to the thousands of years old art and healing power of Labyrinth
  • Myself induced love, kindness and compassion, urging all to see one another as a noble being.
  • Spiro Kokkinos, Greek House restaurant, and Angel Delgado of OMG cafe offered delicious food.
  • Kris Arpad played his uplifting and delightful Steel Drums – I wanted to sing and dance.
  • Kris Palmer Trio played jazz for dinner time, helping us feel the magic.
Here are the names of the rest of volunteers. Without them this vision could not have come true.
Randy Shultz, Diane Baxter, Laure Arnoff, Peggy Palmer, Kathy Cockerill, Deborah Schush, Becky Abel, Violet Paley, Laura Motaghy, Chantal Zimmerman, Cody Zimmerman, Bijan Motaghy, Dariush Motaghy, Mark Motaghy, Malky Kertis, Charles Rocha, Andrea Milton, Michelle Burke, Joel McNenny, Gary and Carolyn Weiss,  Charles Rocha, Lorraine Davise, Shaida Motaghy, Danny Orozco, and many more who also donated.

Please use the buttons below to donate and support this wonderful cause. Help reduce the death rate of those overdosing due to prescription drugs and other addictive substances. No amount is too small.