Life Intelligence: A Three Dimensional Mindfulness Approach

By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Jan 25, 2022

LIFE INTELLIGENCE, LQ & The Five Stages of Human Software Optimization

Definition of Life Intelligence

Life Intelligence, LQ, is having pertinent knowledge and skills to live in accordance with an interdependent reality with care and respect for all life. It’s a Three Dimensional Mindfulness Approach: Systems, Planet, and the Human Specie. Having acquired LQ, one lives with ease and joy and impacts the world around them positively.

How I Arrived At the Concept of Life Intelligence

My journey to Life Intelligence began when I was a little girl getting away from adults on our weekly picnics. I’d run through the bushes and branches to meet my dearest friends, the colorful pebbles who smiled at me while resting in the shallow parts of the shimmering stream. My little skinny fingers reach for the pebbles, gazing at them and wondering why they were there. Why were they so still inside a moving stream? What were they thinking as they’d slid into my wrinkled palms? There was something magical about them. Nothing fazed them. No fallen leaf, no broken branch, not even my presence took anything away from them. They were solid and had one story. ‘You may play with me, but I can hurt you if you misunderstand me if you don’t play right.’

My mother was very young herself. She treated me like a doll, dressing me in pretty yellow daisy dresses she’d sew for me. She came from a poor family and wanted to hide that from her husband’s rich cousins and relatives. I often felt she was mostly concerned about how I looked.

She dreaded water and pulled me away from streams and seaside at every chance. I don’t recall her ever telling me a story. Storytelling was one of my grandma’s jobs. One grandma told fantastical stories and heroic tales of a poor servant hiding in a watermelon that rolled under the prince’s bed to find his heart. The other taught me about God, religion, compassion, and generosity. They say it takes a village to raise a child. However, human culture practiced by various groups around the world is not necessarily aligned with the fundamentals of all life.

I feel that I learned much more about the truths of life as I engaged with nature. Truths such as impersonality of things. Rocks are just rocks. Water is there because nature had produced it. Things are as they are not as we name or interpret or relate to them. Before becoming indoctrinated into the human culture I didn’t know a me, called Manijeh. I felt one with everything.

I recall, at the age of five, one hot summer’s day, while playing in the yard at a memorial ceremony, a man walked out heat-stricken. He asked if I knew where he could find some drinking water. I pointed to the cooler in the far corner of the yard. Upon his return, with a satisfied and refreshed look, he said, “What would we do if there was no water?” Of course, that was a rhetorical question, but I responded, “We wouldn’t need any water if there were no water.” He didn’t expect that, shook his head, and walked away. It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized why those rich intellectual relatives of my father used to call me “Shakespeare.” With no education and still a child, I wasn’t thinking of lack of water as a deficit, but from an existential perspective. If there was no water it meant that nature didn’t see it necessary to produce it, was my thinking. The worst of it for me was that no one ever explained to me who Shakespeare was and what was so significant about him. I could have seen and learned and developed more of those characteristics in myself early on. Shakespeare was a poet and a magnificent storyteller. Modes in which he depicted his immense talent for understanding and capturing human emotions, showing how causes and conditions create greed, hatred, and delusion. Through his characters, he illustrated the dept of the human mind and the dark side of consciousness. By creating excitement and suspense, he made every person see their own inner values of right and wrong. How anyone could easily be caught up by desires for status, wealth, and love. His abilities were mature and developed. I was only a child with the potential to understand causes and conditions and the nature of the human mind.

Natural intelligence like these tends to vanish as we become cultured with human fabricated concepts, norms, and right and wrong. As I grew into teenage years, cultural limitations, unexplained unknown emotions, and immigration to a strange cold individualistic society (compared to what I was used to) created deep feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction.

Growing up in the Persian culture was wonderful for its ancient philosophies, humanity, compassion, and generosity. It was also limiting because of the differences between gender roles. But at least I knew how it worked. When we arrived in Burbank in august of 1978, I had to learn a whole new language, system, and outlook. Experiencing individual achievement as one of the highest measures of one’s worth left me feeling even more disconnected and at odds with my nature knowing and values. I had no real control over my direction as school, culture, parents, and society expected me to go with their flow. Like every human being, my brain continued to wire itself to others and left me to live on autopilot.

Lack of self-awareness left me with no way out of this emotional roller coast. As if I had fallen into a fast-moving river with no end in sight and many sharp turns, dark caves, and cliffs. Fear and sadness had shoved my soul into confinement. I followed the programming of a successful “American” wife. On the outside, I was young, beautiful, carried myself well, was giving, loving, proud to manage businesses, kids, and a social life, and living a lavish marriage. On the inside, I felt disconnected, trapped, and yearning to be with the soft stream, leaves, and pebbles. The pure uncomplicated truth of things. I escaped when hiking or gazing at the moon. I could rely on the moon to always reappear and shine on my heart.  It was my best friend. Nonetheless, it felt like getting oxygen from an oxygen tank, not through my own healthy lungs.

When I heard the story of Siddhartha in an undergrad course and his yearning to leave home to find the solution to human suffering, I felt a jolt of electrical hope that brought my heart back to life. The hero in me awakened. I saw the possibility of freedom and oneness, what I had felt in the shimmering streams and my childhood friends, the honest pebbles. But now I had years of countless faulty life codes ingrained into every corner of my mind. My brain was filled with neuropathways of unhappiness, jealousy, judgment, expectations, blame, worry, fear, and irritation. Desire and deceit intermingled with kindness, forgiveness, and yearning for peace. It was a long hard journey of discovery of all that was embedded in my mind and heart. To reconstruct the programming that caused so much suffering was sometimes like surgery. If my body had been exposed to so many surgeries, which I did to my mind, it could not have survived.

Decoding those wrong interpretations, beliefs and painful traumas was strange territory. As if there were extra blood veins in the wrong places of my body that needed pulling out, or half a kidney sewn to my liver that had to be detached, or one eye stuck in the bottom of the foot that needed replacing, or my lungs functioning as the stomach that needed reprogramming. Much too many rational and emotional adjustments had to be done with awareness and compassion. How could I find all those hidden limiting belief systems, false interpretations, and unfulfilled needs? My brain had a fixed map for life. It was a mess, an undiscernible web of mess. 

I spent every wakeful minute of every day for twenty-four years undoing my life program: learning, testing, implementing every teaching the Buddha offered, engaging science, understanding the hero’s journey, the psychology of narcissists and codependents, the selfish gene ruling the mind and the body, the five elements, purity and the intelligence of the heart, the wisdom of blameless living, the intention for not harming, and compassion beyond all judgment and justification. While battling with doubt, resistance, and clinging to these monstrous obstacles, I never wavered the possibility of freedom from suffering.  Silent retreat after silent retreat, I journeyed through hundreds of rounds of the dark alleys of my soul, bending at the knee, sobbing with pain, and cleansing the fallacies I had learned, felt, and stored in my memory system. As I decoded thread after thread of unhappiness, I felt more and more peaceful and at ease, till one day on the 12th silent retreat, I encountered complete connection, pure, kind, and peaceful. I touched pure equanimity, my maker, the universe.

I understood that I am the universe, not the vastness of it, but being made of it. I went beyond gratitude and being the one receiving its generosity. I realized, there is no generosity. No gratitude is needed as I realized I am the earth and the sun and the systems that govern them. I am partly sun, partly earth, water, and wind. Space is morphing and shaping within me and all around me. All other identities are fabrications of my mind. Not mine, but our collective minds. Becoming the pebble and the water and the barking dog, I understood there are no beginnings, no ends. My son’s birth was not his beginning and his death was not his ending. My brain was free, reintegrated, redesigned, and regenerated. Now, I had to look after it like the most precious jewel.

Now what?

To continue nurturing and protecting my regenerated, integrated brain, I could not merely have some level of spiritual awakening or belief to go around talking about, I had to understand more about how life works. I joined a group of intelligent folks who invited me to their inclusive Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Imperatives group. This was a big stretch to the type of education I had. That’s when I learned of quantum physics and sought to understand Einstein’s theory of life. Energy equals Mass times the length of time it takes light to travel to us, squared. This feeling I had wasn’t just spiritual. Using Einstein’s formula, scientists proved that nothing is lost, and nothing is gained. When something is broken, the missing parts exist but are unattached. When water is evaporated, it still exists in a gas form. The weight of things is never lost because their form changes. Such knowledge is paramount to protect us from immense grief of loss.

I learned so much more about the planet, its boundaries, how interdependent all life is and how we, humans, have caused so much harm and destruction. No matter how much we grow in knowledg, develop and innovate for better life, suffering, war, crime, greed, biases, and ignorance persist.

The last fifteen of my twenty-four-year personal evolution includes a training and teaching career in secular Mindfulness and Buddhist teachings. I have organized and taught 100+ day-long retreats, designed hundreds of courses, and trained thousands of people. My teaching evolved and formed its own dynamic. Looking for answers in the thick forests of New Zealand, Thailand, England, and California monasteries, I’ve sobbed intensely for the pain of humanity. Now I feel more equipped to help humanity in more effectively. 

Having known, decoded my own psychological programing, I can see faulty codes in my students’/clients’ paradigms and as I point them out, there is revelation. A massive shift in the right direction for them. I see the missing pieces, the badly designed maps their brains operate from and I patiently, kindly help them realize it and help remove painful daggers stuck from their hearts. What took me twenty-four years to accomplish, I aspire to provide my students. My hope is that it’ll take them shorter time using a systematic, structured procedure for mental reconstruction that can result in healing and optimization more effectively way than I found it.

In my book, Life Intelligence: A Three Dimentional Mindfulness Approach

I present three main domains of life, which I’ve synthesized and collated as pertinent for all humans to understand, train for, and pass on to the future generations so that we may all live skillfully, harmlessly with joy and contentment. Teaching and training hundreds and thousands of people for so many years also revealed to be a natural five-stage process for human optimization, which I call the Five Stages of Human Software Optimization – (Knowledge, Authentication, Development, Transformation, Optimization).

In the process of writing this book, I came to see that The Five-stage Optimization Model is the antidote to the Stuck life template, or human software, a template created through another Five Stages I call, IMADE (Information/Data, Meaning/Interpretation, Approach/Habits, Default/Personality, Engulfed/Stuck).

Our minds can become stuck through minor and major traumas as a result of improper care, and a lack of essential education and training about what it is to be a human, and how it is to live in a world governed by natural, evolving, and constructed systems, and our inherent responsibility for our shared home, the planet earth. While my journey to self-optimization has taken me over twenty-four years, I hope to offer you a process that takes you much less time and effort to become whole and well-integrated.


Systems Intelligence (SQ), Planet Intelligence (PQ), Human Species Intelligence (HQ)

Domain I (Systems Intelligence): 

SQ is about natural and evolving systems that govern existence, such as birth and death being a fabrication of the human mind.  And all matter is energy and transformation; change is a natural phenomenon, cause, and effect rule, etc. 

Understanding and aligning with these systems increase interconnectedness, and self/ego resolution reduces fear and anxiety, and increases efficacy, compassion, and well-being.

Domain II (Planet Intelligence): PQ is the understanding of the make-up of our planet, the ecosystem, and food chain, life resources, the science of the nine boundaries of the planet earth being broken and in dire need to be reversed, and concerns and care for the future generations.

PQ results in uplifting the mind and heart of humanity to overcome greed and unfair overconsumption not leaving behemoth trash behind for future generations to deal with, and instilling an obligation to not leave future generations of all species a planet that is depleted of its natural resources. To promote the interdependence of all things, goodwill, and consideration for all forms of life including inanimate objects.

Domain III (Human Intelligence): HQ is about the Human species. This section provides information about the biases of the human brain, learned emotions, the selfish gene being the most powerful creator, and our need for love and responsibilities to oneself, to the mate, the society, making livelihood a force for good, gratitude and responsibility towards other humans in the greater society and all that pertains to developing happiness and harmlessness. The following are the subcomponents of the Human Intelligence domain.

The Self:

There are subsections about the brain and how it functions. Here, I explain the brain’s biases, how emotions are made, the mind as the self, not-self, three aspects of attention, and six faculties of focus and Heart Intelligence. Like every section, here, the Five Stages of Human Software Optimization process is used for education and training on:

  • How to manage inherent biases and develop attentiveness to reducing one’s pain and suffering and the community as a whole and how to transform one’s lifestyle and habits to help preserve life and the planet.
  • To understand how their childhood impacted their brain, the information that filled their software and became a template of their perceptions, approaches to life, and what causes them to remain stuck in cycles of discontentment.
  • Learning the truth about love, how to feel it, act it, give it, and receive it. Most importantly, how to feel love and give love to oneself.
  • How to be self-reliant when they cannot rely on others to show up to their expectations.
  • How to manage the immense emotions of loss and grief.
  • To be aware of how one might create fantasies, run after such fantasies all their lives and waste precious moments in the here and now with whatever and whoever is present.
  • Heart Intelligence will provide the means and opportunity for humanity to explore the possibilities of a peaceful heart and the bliss of blamelessness.
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The next section under the Human Domain is about livelihood. It’s about how anyone can make their profession and livelihood a force for good of humanity and service to all life. To understand the dynamic of greed and selfishness and the fallacies of material happiness.


The third subsection under the Human domain is the Mate, selecting, maintaining, improving our obligations to the family system, engaging through the components of Heart Intelligence. There is education about genes and the creative power of the “selfish gene,” first presented by Steven Hawking as evolutionary psychology. Applying the theory and application of cause and effect explained and teased out in the Natural and Evolving Systems to help a person understand how their actions cause a reaction and the power and responsibility that comes with that. Everything starts in the mind, becomes a perspective, and faulty perception leads the way of the relationship, into the epidemic of a divorced society. To cultivate mindfulness of the body, feelings, mind, and the truth so that one can show up authentically, lovingly, and effectively. This life intelligence can improve longevity, and the quality of marriage and strengthen society as a whole.


The last subsection of the Human Domain is about the community and society. It addresses natural unconscious biases, algorithms, cultural diversity, neurodiversity, gender, and all other kinds of diversity amongst humans. This section provides training and practices that develop a deep understanding of interconnectedness with all life and encourage respect and alignment with the laws of interdependence. Seeing the truths and the benefits of alignment with interdependence, the readers will naturally become interested to develop the wise intentions of non-harming, goodwill for all beings, and generosity; humans need to see that No reason is a good reason for hate and harm.

Training Modules

This is not just an informative book. It’s a training manuscript that accompanies Five Stages of Human Software Optimization (HSO) Modality (Copyrighted) to support the development of LQ and create lasting change. Under every domain, there are explanations, data, examples, and the application of stages 1-4 of the HSO Modality. In stage I, readers will receive specific Knowledge pertinent to LQ. In stage II, they have the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge provided, and to verify/authenticate such knowledge through their own sensory awareness and reflection. In stage III, they take suggested practices to develop better skills in living their lives in alignment with LQ. As they practice and embody such skills they are at stage IV, which is transformation. In this stage, they may relapse into old habits, however, they can quickly notice it and revert to the new skills, feeling empowered and more confident. A new trait is born.

The outcome of going through stages 1-4 in all three LQ Domains and subdomains culminates in the Fifth Stage of the Human Software Optimization. The person, as a result, lives a happy, mentally balanced, emotionally healthy, and considerate life. Knowledgeable about how biases are formed, and how their everyday choices and actions impact their inner and outer world, they act with wisdom and compassion towards themselves and others. This content is applicable across all cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, genders, classes, and other diverse dynamics.

Extraordinariness of the Five-stage Human Software Optimization Modality

  1. The Five-stage Human Software Optimization modality can be used by individuals to heal and train themselves as well as act as an organizing foundation to further their knowledge and growth. 
  2. This modality can be used by therapists, psychologists, coaches, and trainers of all kinds to improve their client results, by finding the missing and faulty pieces of the client’s operating manual and the process of recoding according to what is true and wholesome finding them through the three domains of life intelligence.
  3. The Five-stage Human Software Optimization modality can adapt to any human training context, i.e., to teach sports, or teambuilding, etc. It is flexible and adaptable to almost any circumstances.