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Six Thursdays, 4:30 to 6:30 PM, PST

Section III: July 7 to Aug 11


From Dharma to Life Intelligence is a series of courses designed to explore our life and the laws of nature in easy-to-understand and practical ways. Each course covers important aspects of three main domains of Life Intelligence. These domains include pertinent aspects of our human lives including body, mind, brain, feelings, spirituality, psychology, business, and natural systems that govern our lives. As we deepen a positive connection with ourselves and our beloved planet earth, we examine our role in this universe and develop the necessary mental, emotional, and accountable skills to live happily and effectively as a human.


Five Stage Human Software Optimization Modality (Copyright by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy)

Desired Outcome

To help rewire the human brain through scientific, creative, spiritual, and Mindful practical methods that reveal the intelligence that lies within wisdom, kindness, and compassionate actions. To endeavor and develop the skills to live with ease, contentment, and success. Healing and optimizing the self, society, and the planet.

What is Life Intelligence?

Dr. Motaghy describes Life Intelligence, LQ, as the knowledge and development to understand the universal laws of life and cause and effect, and the ability for compassion and generosity to align one’s actions to a thriving quality for all beings.

Life Intelligence, LQ, encompasses a proper relationship to three major domains of life: 

  1. Systems that govern our lives.
  2. The planet earth
  3. Humanity

Course Material

This is a continuation of past courses. A synthesis of the Buddha’s teachings along with many other scientific and creative disciplines as our founder, Dr. Manijeh Motaghy has put to practice, tested, developed, and transformed her own life and the lives of many others. Here Dr. Motaghy offers the Three Domains of Life Intelligence and a Five Stage Healing and Optimization Modality (Copyrighted) to achieve the desired outcomes stated above. Her book is in the process of completion and publication.


This nine-month program may be used as a pre-requisite for our future teacher training and professional development certifications, and degrees, pending Dr. Motaghy’s approval of the participant’s development process. As Einstien put it, “If you can’t teach it to a six-year-old you haven’t understood it yet.”

Each course is six weeks and meets once a week on Thursday nights. We begin in March and go through December 1st, 2022.


There are five one-and-a-half-day retreats in between courses, which we highly recommend that you take to facilitate transformational effects. Retreat fees are separate.

Community Meditation

We are providing two 30-minute FREE live drop-in mediation periods on Zoom. We also recommend that you join these sessions to practice with your community. Here is the link to register and attend

Time Commitment

For better results, please consider allocating at least an hour per week to do the readings, reflections, and practices, which will be light, yet essential for a positive impact on your life. Plus daily meditation of at least 20 minutes.

Courses Meet On The Following Dates:

  • A1001 – March 10 – April 14 (Right Effort, Life Intelligence, Brain Wiring)
  • A1002 – May 5 – June 9 (Right Mindfulness – Relationship to Earth with Foraging)
  • A1003- July 7 – Aug 11 (Deepening the Four Noble Truths)
  • A1004 – Aug 25 – Sept 29
  • A1005 – Oct 20 – Dec 1 (Thanksgiving OFF)
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