Hand of The Wind

by Manijeh Motaghy

Hand of The Wind

It is hard at work, the hand
Moving, shaking and shifting
Nature and all in it.

Monarch butterfly with its lemon skin crossed with black stripes,
Flapping its delicate wings,
Thrown here and there by the wind
the crazy wind!
Instinct kicks in
Nature investigating,
is it peace or suffering?
Hanging on to my direction and will,
flapping softly, the butterfly became light,
she found the wind’s direction,
dancing to its melody,
she flew away as a feather in the air…

The wind picks up.
Shaping, shifting, moving
Throwing, banging, breaking

The sounds of the chimes
Hitting a tune, a loud melody
The wind composing
dling dling, dalang dalang
Dang, dling, dang, dang, dada, da, dada, – Dee, da

It all calms down
cool air,
Blows through my hair,
Chill runs through my skin,
sensations other than the head
it all feels clear.
Nothing going on inside,
The sounds of the chimes, dling dling, dalang dalang
Dang, dling, dang, dang, dada, da, dada,

Wind, like a fierce teacher
Zaps through delusion
Limber branches hear the teacher,
humbly bend, move and dance,
shake yet not break
but, dead branches, the dry stiff ones,
they break & fall

Are you limber? the Wind says,
In your mind? Your ideas? Your words and actions?

It’s just how it is, tough, rigid old branches
Can’t stand the shaking,
the change and it’s direction
They hold on tightly, resist and fight.
They break,
collapse and fall.

Sitting here, in the wind.
Softly, letting it swirl around me,
So, as it may

The hand is at work,
Cleaning the surface, moving seeds, pollen and …..

Secure what’s worthy, the wind murmurs
Let go of trash
Pay attention,
Learn the flow.
Dede dada, dling, dling, dalang, dalalang, dalang

Can u see the wind?
My teacher asked one day,
How do u know it’s the wind?
By the objects it moves…

Can you see your mind?
How do you know it’s the mind?
Can you tell them apart,
The wind and its objects?
The mind and its objects?

Your freedom may depend on it.
Your happiness at stake
Knowing them for what they are – not all the same.

Liberation is to be experienced,
wisely seeing,
wisely acting,
wishing all good will, wishing all safety and joy
for there is no you and I.  There only is.

Ahoo Manijeh

February 11, 2015