Jason Manu Rheaume Bio

Raised in a Hindu ashram, Manu has studied a variety of spiritual traditions. As a teenager and in his mid-20’s, he participated and explored in the Native American vision quests. He lived and practiced meditation for a full year at an SN Goenka Vipassana center. After graduating from a Buddhist College, University of the West, he joined Perfectly in Southern California updating the company’s image and brand from Mindful Valley to Perfectly Here.

Exploring even deeper experiences of mediation and spiritual paths, Manu became a Theravada Buddhist samanera (novice monk) for one year and a Bhikkhu (fully monk) for two months. Continuing with the journey of life he remains in Sri Lanka and studying to become a Buddhist Chaplain in the military. Manu is a dedicated meditation practitioner with a mission of service and peace.