Kuroosh Compassionate Healing And Recovery Program (KCHARP)

Kuroosh Compassionate Healing And Recovery Program has come about due to the immense pain of a mother’s loss. I lost my precious son, Kuroosh, to opioid addiction recently. The heart-break and pain is unbearable. This is so unacceptable, so awful, one of the greatest losses a human being can ever experience. Recently, scientific data shows death from this type of addiction has risen by 533%. One hundred and six people die of opioid addiction every day. It is a national emergency!

Our children and youth are dying rapidly due to over-consumption of legal prescriptions, illegal drugs, and alcohol. With the disease of addiction, relationships become painful and ruined. Hate, anger, resentment, judgment, shame, guilt and outrage take the place of love, respect, and compassion.

I am determined not to allow my son’s death be in vain. Therefore, utilizing our Mindfulness center to offer programs that help educate and heal those affected by the disease of addiction.

Please help support the Kuroosh Compassionate Healing And Recovery Program (KCHARP)

You may ask, how can one be loving and compassionate to an addict who lives to use and in turn cause pain and destruction?
Living with my son, Kuroosh, and enduring the hard consequences of his addiction would have been extremely destructive without feeling, practicing and behaving compassionate towards him, his illness and my own suffering.

Compassion is hard to hold on to while experiencing fear, worry, and chaos within the family system of addiction. Your support can help develop the heart of compassion and compassionate boundaries, which create the space for loving relationships.

Practicing loving/kindness, compassion and non-judgmental attitude helped change Kuroosh’s heart and direction. He became kinder, more generous, less selfish and isolated. Being more aware of others and knowing how he could regulate his emotions and anxieties was very exciting to him. He took opportunities to serve and motivate others. Through compassion practices, his demeanour and attitude towards others blossomed into gratitude, appreciation, and consideration.

The Impact of His Loving/Kindness:

My brother who never showed his emotions before, said, “I learned the value of expressing love from Kuroosh, and that is a lot.”

You and your loved one can experience this as well. A respectful relationship. A compassionate and heartful interaction while drawing and holding firm boundaries to protect yourself.

The Five Kuroosh Compassionate Healing And Recovery Program Trainings:

  1. Peace and release – letting go towards one’s peace and happiness is a skill that can be cultivated
  2. Being a whole person and seeing others as a whole person not just the addict or the negative
  3. Having compassion towards oneself and others – a warm understanding of inevitability of failure, not taking things personal
  4. Giving up, not being so attached and determined to suffer. It is not necessary for happiness.
  5. Taking responsibility for one’s own happiness – being responsible is having the ability to respond. Learning how to respond with an aim towards happiness


Updates on the Program:

  1. We are grateful and excited for the community’s support.
  2. As part of this program we made Kuroosh’s wish to start a Refuge Recovery Meeting come true.
  3. Our classes in 2018 included several Intro to Compassionate Grieving courses.
  4. With the help of so many we organized an educational and healing event in October of 2018.
  5. The next big event will be on June 23, 2019. Click here for more information.
  6. We are establishing a volunteer base to offer hugs, a kind face, a kind voice to infants who are suffering from pain and withdrawals because of their mothers using drugs during pregnancy. They go through the same intense withdrawal pains that an adult addict goes through. This should not be OK with anyone. We are asking for volunteers and funding to help run this program.

Read this Article on Opioids Consumption from UCLA Health

With this initial fund we are able to develop and offer preliminary programs to help ease the suffering of families devastated by grief and loss of loved ones. We need your support to complete developing our programs and hire the right staff for it.

May you and all beings be protected from such pains and have the ability to live a fulfilled life with loving relationships.

Please give as you can. Every dollar helps. May you never experience such losses and difficulties.