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Mindfulness can do a lot for you. However, there are many inner-skills that most adults don’t learn going through life. Most operate from a manual that keeps them stuck in life, ever seeking happiness.

You may have tried Mindfulness, and find that it doesn’t get rid of your issues. Well, don’t give up. Learn related skills that empower Mindfulness from one of the best who will guide you in developing a new and improved inner-manual, optimizing your Human Software. Private sessions can be very effective for getting to the core and easing through difficulties.

Take the opportunity for yourself, learn the art of living fully, and find ease and peace. Make an appointment today and start revealing the power of Mindfulness. Sessions may be done via phone, in person, or through other types of media.

Our Experts Can Help You With:

  1. General Mindfulness and meditation guidance and training.
  2. Spiritual growth and development
  3. Feeling un-stuck in any area of life.
  4. To learn how to be more present, aware, and awake.
  5. How to manage/regulate your emotions – worries, anxieties, depression, anger
  6. Improve Relationships.
  7. Improving challenges and the strengths of Adult ADHD
  8. and more…

It is easy to be caught up in communication pitfalls. Lack of skill to communicate effectively can leave one feeling lonely, unappreciated, frustrated, and stressed out, unable to be at ease and happy.  Learn what communication pitfalls are, the solutions, and how to manage important interaction areas to make your relationships fulfilling and effortless.

Private Groups:

We often get requests to come to you in your home, office, and organization to provide an introductory or series of Mindfulness sessions.  We are happy to do so. Please let us know if you have a group of friends, family, or employees you’d like us to teach privately. One of our experts can speak with you on what you need and make some suggestions about offering the sessions to your group best. We are excited to hear from you.

Our experts include:

Manijeh Motaghy, PsyD. OMC. (Perfectly Here Founder and Program Director). Dr. Motaghy is an Affiliate UCLA Mindfulness Teacher and a member of the International Mindfulness Teacher’s Association. See what her clients and students have attested to on Linkedin.

Client Testimonial:

“Over the past few years, I have taken over eight classes with Manijeh, and in doing so, I have become a far more effective leader and manager, as well as immeasurably better human being. Manijeh’s practice bridges Mindfulness and professional coaching, and that combination of both the passion and the prose helped give me extraordinarily valuable insight and perspective in both my personal and professional life. Manijeh has a unique, magical, remarkable way about her. She cares very deeply and imparts knowledge and discipline with a gentle yet firm touch that’s both very enlightening and yet so practical. Manijeh skilfully inspires her students to challenge themselves and think deeper, and live presently and mindfully.”
Meryl Lander, Vice President of Corporate Infrastructure at DataDirect Networks, Inc.

Make An Appointment or Get More Information

Please email us at info@perfectlyhere.org Or Call (818) 453-0640