Mindful Family

At Perfectly Here we understand that all members of the family can learn and use the skills of Mindfulness. Studies show that Mindfulness can become a new trait in a person’s brain and a part of thttps://perfectlyhere.org/pec-events/mindful-awareness-practices-maps-i/he personality. As such the skills of Mindfulness can help a person to manage their life including their health and wellness, their relationships, finances, schooling, etc. much more effectively and joyfully. We have designed a full spectrum of classes for adults as well as youth. Adults without children can take our MAPS classes, designed by UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

We have specifically designed a Mindful Family Program taught by a competent teacher, Joel McNenny, PC. This class entails the following courses:

  1. Mindfully Relaxed Parenting
  2. Mindful Children
  3. Mindful Youth

For more information please write to us at info@perfectlyhere.org or call us at (818) 453-0640. We commend your wish for a happier, healthier life. Be well.