So we are back from our two weeks Mindful/Fun/Spiritual trip to Thailand.

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Join us on this Mindful Fun Spiritual journey to Thailand. 12 glorious days in the land of the smiles. From October 12 to 24, 2019.

Experience high level teachers, exotic food, hospitable culture, temples, Buddhist teachings and practices. See the street vendors, make pottery, enjoy peaceful resorts by the beach, savour Thai food, festivals and so much more. The full brochure is attached above. This is an all inclusive Mindful, Fun and Spiritual tour. All food, excursion tickets, van and boat rides and hotel fees are included in this very affordable package. The trip does NOT include airfare. Airfare to Thailand is usually very affordable as well. Please see below Thailand Trip Fees and Terms for more details on what’s included, suggested airlines, etc.

See: Thailand Trip Full Brochure,  Thailand Trip Fees & Terms, FINAL

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Please note our low fees, compare them with other tours that charge twice or triple as much for so many days. We are a non-profit 501C3 organization who is providing this opportunity mainly for the expansion of our student’s reach into the practice of Mindfulness and related teachings. We hope that their time will be an enrichment of cultural views and understandings. We will be travelling to Ubon Rachathani, the home of Ajahn Cha, who is the head of the contemporary Theravada lineage in Thailand. Ajahn Cha has 300 monasteries internationally and is highly revered by the king of Thailand as well as all his disciples and millions of people around the world. See student discount below. Join us on this unforgettable journey.