Gift Certificates

Give a Mindful Gift.

A Mindful Gift is a Precious Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Give a gift that can transform someone’s life towards inner happiness and freedom from stress and anxiety. A gift that keeps on giving.

You may purchase a gift certificate and pay for the full amount of any class or program or a credit to be used against the fee of  any class/program. For example if a Mindfulness class costs $200 and you purchase a gift certificate at $100, they will be responsible to pay for the balance of $100.  Please note we cannot give cash-back should they choose a class or program that is less than the amount of the gift certificate. However, they can keep the credit of what is unused for future events, classes or retreats/ programs.

This generosity will help a loved one become more skilful at managing their emotional and mental life, gaining inner peace and joy.

Refund & Expiration Policy:

Refunds maybe requested within 30 days from the date of purchase. After this date, the gift certificate maybe deemed as credit towards any of our programs. . Gift certificates expire within 2 years from their date of purchase.

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