The Mindful Life Optimization (MLO) concept and programs are designed and taught by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy as a training and optimization model.

MLO aims to help individuals become well-integrated, interconnected, and resilient in the face of adversity by incorporating a 3-Dimensional Life Intelligence approach to Mindfulness. These include systemic, environmental, and human dimensions.

The program recognizes that in addition to developing inner qualities and strengths of wisdom, clarity, and compassion, individuals need to understand the wisdom of natural systems and how we can create systems that promote well-being for ourselves and other inhabitants of the planet. This is what sets MLO apart from other one-dimensional approaches.

MLO courses emphasize the importance of understanding biases, developing self-awareness, taking wise actions, maintaining emotional stability, and cultivating goodwill, care, friendliness, and compassion, among other essential skills. Courses in the program provide practical tools to enable participants to apply Mindfulness in different aspects of their lives to promote personal and planetary wellness.

Our 20-Year Vision is to create a happier, safer, more resilient world for ourselves and future generations by Mindfully optimizing 1 Billion people.

We welcome you to share this journey and legacy with us and thank you for supporting the development of this happier, safer, and more resilient world. :)

Organizations that Influence Our Work.

Planet Positive 2030
UN Sustainable Development Goals