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MLO 101: Life Optimization by Meditation & Mindful Living

With Randy Shultz And Andrea Milton

Learn to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Symptoms of Illness. Be Present and Enjoy Life. Meditate Anywhere and During Any Task. Live A Sustainable Life.

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Live Online, With Access to Recordings

Six Mondays, May 13 to June 17, 2024

From 1 – 3 PM, PDT

Instructor: Randy Shultz

Guest Presenter: Andrea Milton (Tips on Sustainable Living)

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the MLO 101: Life Optimization by Meditation & Mindful Living. If you are looking to improve your mental and emotional well-being and become more integrated with life and connected to the environment you are in the right place.

The difference between this Mindfulness course and others is that we look at our life from three different domains. (Natural Systems and how they influence us, mental and emotional, and environmental wellness)

It’s not just about using Mindfulness to reduce stress, but how to live a more holistic stress-free life. That requires us to learn fundamental skills in awareness of our minds/perspectives, bodies, and emotions, to grow in emotional maturity, and to improve our communication and other habits.

This class discusses the four foundations of mindfulness to assist in your personal, professional, and relational development with our Mindful Life Optimization roadmap and follow-up courses to learn the pathway to effectiveness and lasting happiness.

Why You Should Take This Course:

mindfulness practices for ADHD

Are you tired of being behind on a daily basis?

Catching up with work and personal life can be a difficult task. With a bit of Mindfulness and presence you can leave the day satisfying and tend to what’s important in life.

Having a hard time with feelings?

Learn to understand your thoughts and feelings and how to regulate your nervous system to allow you to connect with ease and joy.

Mindfulness by the beach

Want to meditate, but worried you can’t or don’t have time?

Learn how Mindfulness meditation can be done anywhere and while doing anything. You don’t have to stop to meditate.

Resolving Obstacles

Physical pain can’t let you enjoy life?

Learn how to Mindfully reduce physical pain through methods that eliminate the agony of pain.

Do you worry about the environment and the future of safety on our planet?

Learn Mindful tips on how to live green and sustainably, doing your part and teach others, so we all may live with peace.

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Course Modules

meditation in office

Module 1

Mindfulness – the Present Moment and More

An Overarching Meaning for Life

  • What is Mindfulness?

  • Scientific Benefits

  • Various methods and doorways to Mindfulness and how to practice

Module 2

Mindfulness of Body & Emotions

Moving into self-awareness

  • How to use the body as a doorway to Mindfulness

  • Emotions and Feelings – what is real?

  • Mindfulness practice


Module 3

Mindfulness of Thoughts & Stress

Rewiring the Brain

  • Understanding autopilot and taking control

  • Distraction is useful for mindfulness meditation

  • Practices that settle the mind

Emotions of a man


Module 4

Calming the Insisting Obsessive Thoughts

Relationship Adjustment

  • Understanding how thoughts form, their impact and what to do with them

  • Using meditation to calm clinging and aversion

  • Practices that change perspective

rocks balancing


Module 5

Mindfulness for Balance

You Don’t Have to Stop to Be Able to Meditate!

  • Incorporating self-awareness with daily activities

  • Developing deeper listening skills

  • Developing Mindfulness through the heart

Module 6

Mindfulness of Connections & Interdependence

Mindfulness of the World

  • Continuing to ease through connection

  • Exploring other ways Mindfulness can help us live with ease and joy

  • What comes next

Meet Your Instructor: Randy Shultz

Randy is a spiritual mentor, sound bath performer, and Mindfulness facilitator. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Randy has a passionate love for his family and friends. A grandfather of four, and owner of a successful local business, Randy can be seen daily listening to anyone who needs a moment and sharing the wisdom of Mindfulness and Compassion.

His journey into Mindful Life Optimization began over 20 years ago when he started facilitating support groups and parenting classes. His unwavering desire was to help those craving for techniques to deal with the effects of someone else’s addiction. Ten years and hundreds of sessions later, he was drawn to the path of structured mindfulness and meditation.

Randy has been with Perfectly Here, as a board member, volunteer, and supporter, taking almost every Mindfulness course and retreat since 2015. He wholeheartedly believes in and makes every effort to help accomplish the 20-year vision laid out by Dr. Motaghy. Benefiting from the Ajahn Cha Forest practice and tradition, Randy has spent time at the Abhayagiri monastery in Northern California as well as other branch monasteries in Thailand to hone his meditation and wisdom practices.

Taught by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, Randy has a good understanding of human suffering and ways to alleviate them. He has been freely offering guided meditations on Zoom every Friday morning. His consistent practice has become an inspiration to all.

Course Fee:


Supporter Rate – $285

The Supporter rate covers the cost of the program and supports fellow practitioners; tax-deductible portion is the difference between the Sustainer rate and this rate.

Sustaining Rate – $228

The Sustainer rate covers the cost of the program. Not tax-deductible.


Scholarship Rate – $168

The Scholarship rate covers a portion of the cost of the program. Not tax-deductible.


Cancellation Policy:

Refunds available up to seven days prior to class date.

Open credits are available: any time prior to 5 PM, the night before the event/program.

No refunds or open credits are available after this date.

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