Mindful Traveler Certificate Program

We are all travelers in our own lives. Our day-to-day thoughts, choices, actions and all affairs lead us to our destiny. The only person who can do anything about our happiness is ourselves. Have you been thinking about committing yourself to Mindfulness and learning the Art of Living Wisely and Compassionately? Great. Now you can enrol in Perfectly Here’s courses and receive a Mindful Traveler Certificate.

As a participant in the Mindful Traveler Program, you advance as it is natural to you. You learn through a gradual path at your own unique and desired pace, through practice. This is because we use the concept of “practice” as an ongoing process. Further, we define practice in this way: to undertake a concept, put to action, observe the results, increase understanding, refine core intention, continue undertaking, putting to test and growing.

Benefits of committing to the Mindful Traveler Certificate Program include:

  1. Commitment to being a Mindful Traveler sets your mind to respond to your desire for happiness, attentiveness, peace and wise living, consistently and wilfully.
  2. This certificate program provides the opportunity to develop deeper bonding and friendships with fellow Mindful Travellers on the same path.
  3. Enjoying peer level support system for practice and development.
  4. Upon completion of each level practitioners will receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement.
  5. Certificates may be noted on one’s resume and or bio for work purposes.

Required Courses to Receive the Certificate:

We are grateful to Dr. Motaghy, our founder, to offer the opportunity for such certification. In addition to the personal growth and development, the certificate of completion could help one’s Resume/CV. Potentially, to increase the chances of obtaining better quality employment. Also, it may help getting reimbursed for the cost of the program by an employer.

Disclaimer: This is not a certificate to teach or facilitate Mindfulness.

A $50 certificate fee will apply.

Please email us for more information to: info@perfectlyhere.org