Mindfulness for First Responders Initiative

Have you watched the news lately?  Our First Responders not only face life threatening situations, but see some pretty horrendous things as well.  Due to this, many of them are left with sleepless nights and PTSD.  Due to the impact of their jobs, many First Responders end up in divorce, suicide and other painful outcomes for their families to bare. Their constant exposure to our emergencies impact their fight and flight center to be alert all the time which can negatively impact their presence, discernment and compassion.  Hence, we are all at risk.

So what can we do to help those who are there to help us anytime we need them?

“The least we can do is to do something we can.”
– Manijeh Motaghy, PsyD. OMC, AMT

Research shows Mindfulness to be an effective and empowering solution. Mindfulness is a tool to become more aware, compassionate and resilient; scientifically proven to relive stress and anxiety.

Our primary course, Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs I) developed at UCLA is as effective as Mindfulness programs taught to Marines, Navy Seals, and other military, indicating an increase in awareness of inner thoughts and emotions leading to appropriate response in stressful situations.  We are a leading mindfulness center in the San Fernando Valley that offers these classes to support the community in breaking free from stress, anxiety and suffering.

Here are Ways You Can Support:

  1.  Spread the word that we are offering FREE Mindfulness classes for our FR, Vetrans and their family members
  2. Volunteer to be a part the committee that organizes these affairs
  3. Sponsor a FR or Vetran and or their families to recieve these Mindfulness tranings for their enhanced health, wellbeing and for the wellbeing of the community at large

Your Reward for Supporting This Cause Includes:
– 100% tax deduction – we are a 501C3 Organization
– With our matching donor your contribution has double the value
– Most importantly, the opportunity to be part of the solution

Support Mindfulness Classes for First Responders, Vetrans and their families.   No amount is too small.

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Mindfulness for First Responders
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