LOM Programs Optimize Humanity & Help Regenerate the Planet

Discover how our Life Optimization, LOM, programs can help create healthier lifestyles, increase resilience, emotional stability, reduce biases, improve equitable practices, and eco sustainability for this and the future generations.

We teach how emotional intelligence is Not about facial expression representing a feeling, but how emotions are created and that you are not stuck with a reactionary brain, as it does not exist.

Our programs are designed to provide the most comprehensive, life-changing and uplifting experience possible. Join us to learn more.

Studying LOM with Manijeh, I’ve become a better leader and manager by integrating qualities of empathy, loving kindness, self-compassion, and equanimity into the workplace. My insomnia, stress, anxieties, and self-doubts have greatly diminished. I feel far more patient, aware, and comfortable with myself. Meryl Lander, VP of Operations

Trainer Training Courses

7 Modules, Zoom, Jan 25 @ 10 AM, PDT

Power Up Your Therapy & Coaching Practice With the LIFE Optimization Methodology

A 3-Dimensional Mindfulness to Align Your Clients with Laws of Interdependence and A Thriving Life.


Live Online

Advanced Courses

6 Weeks, Feb 9, 6-8 PM, DPT

Dharma Applications For Modern Times

Making Wisdom & Compassion Practices Accessible to Solve Social, Digital, and Climate Issues and Optimize Quality of Life.



Live Online


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Welcome to the Course Welcome to Mindfulness for Adult ADHD […]
11 Lectures
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Welcome to the Course Welcome to Powering Up Your Therapy/Coaching […]
11 Lectures