Mindfulness Research, Psychology and Neuroscience

– UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center: M.A.P.S. Mindful Awareness Practices
– MBSR at UMass; Jon Kabit Zinn: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
– Brain Place: Profound fMRI Images & information on how to keep your brain healthy


Mindfulness at Work

Mindful Business Institute: Mindful Employee programs & Leadership Development
Strengths Finder: Tool for finding your top 5 strengths
Enneagram Institute: Tool for understanding your core personality


Retreat Centers and Monasteries

Dhamma Dena: Southern California

Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Northern California
Insight Meditation Society (IMS)
Abhayagiri Monastery: Theravada, Northern California
Wat Metta Monastery: Theravada, Southern California



Bonnie Katz: Psychotherapy, Woodland Hills
Esther Gobrial: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Encino


Resources for Youth & Children

The Mindful Child
Pacific Lodge Youth Services
InnerKids Foundation
Growing Spirit

“I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.” – Steven Wright

Mindfulness Meditation Over the Hill

Diana Winston: M.A.R.C. at UCLA, Westwood


Other Meditation Traditions

Los Angeles Zen Center
Unfettered Mind


Recovery: Buddhism and the 12-Steps

Kevin Griffin: Teacher and Author
Buddhist Recovery Network: A good resource for Buddhist based recovery


Other Teachers That Influence or Help Guide Perfectly Here

Ajahn Amaro: Abbot of Amarvati Monastery
Ajahn Passano: Abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery
Thanissaro Bhikkhu: Abbot of Metta Forest Monastery
Susan Kaiser Greenland: Author of the Mindful Child and Founder of InnerKids Foundation
Jack Kornfield: Teacher and Author of “The Wise Heart”
Dr. John Schairer: Psychiatrist


Traditional Mindfulness Resources

Access to Insight: Traditional Buddhist Readings and Sutta Study
Dharma Seed: Audio recordings of many Western Buddhist teachers