MLO1: Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living Course

Learn to reduce stress, worry, anxiety, improve focus, presence, and joy.

A Six-Week Transformative Course for Personal and Global Well-being 🌍

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Live Online Course

Six-Tuesdays, June 13 to July 18; from 5-7 PM, PDT

Six-Wednesdays, June 14 to July 19; from 10 AM to 12 PM, PDT

When you sign up for one of the two options above, you may make up for one missed session in the other day and time option.

Hello Friend,

Welcome to Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living, an online course designed to help you develop the essential skills of mindfulness and start living a more present, fulfilling life.

In this introductory six-week course, you’ll learn how to cultivate mindfulness through guided meditation practices, mindfulness exercises, and daily mindfulness routines.

You’ll learn the foundation and principles of Mindfulness and how to reduce stress and increase well-being.

Each session includes lecture, practice, group feedback, and discussion creating a community of practitioners in a safe inviting environment, which has been one of the most meaningful experiences students have had.

These classes are suitable for ages 16 and over, a perfect course for beginners to mindfulness and meditation, and as a refresher open to anyone from all backgrounds.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid foundation in mindfulness and be equipped to continue practicing on your own or continue developing through follow-up courses.

Ready to start living more mindfully? Enroll now in Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living!

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Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living is the foundation to our Mindful Life Optimization program.

What Makes Mindful LIFE Optimization, MLO Program Unique?

  • The entire program and all courses are designed by a highly skilled, transformed and optimized Mindfulness teacher and practitioner
  • MLO helps you develop not in one, but three pertinent dimensions of Mindfulness to gain necessary Life Intelligence, unleash your potential, transform your life, and guide you to thrive.

  • MLO Courses are filled with life examples, the instructor’s personal journey about how she penetrated and resolved her own traumas and developed essential skills and traits for living a happy fulfilled life.

  • To learn more about the entire program see our 20 year vision.
  • We are currently accepting applications for Mindful Life Optimization Teacher Training Waitlist.

Studying Mindfulness and Life Optimization with Manijeh, I’ve become a better leader and manager by integrating qualities of empathy, loving kindness, self-compassion, and equanimity into the workplace. My insomnia, stress, anxieties, and self-doubts have greatly diminished. I feel far more patient, aware and comfortable with myself.

~ Meryl Lander, VP of Operations, Global Tech Company

What’s In the MLO 1: Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living?

meditation in office

Module 1

Mindfulness Meditation

It’s not just about the present moment.

  • What is Mindfulness?

  • Scientific Benefits

  • Various methods and doorways to Mindfulness and how to practice

Module 2

Mindfulness of Body & Emotions

Moving into self-awareness

  • How to use the body as a doorway to Mindfulness

  • Emotions and Feelings – what is real?

  • Mindfulness practice

Module 3

Mindfulness of The Mind

Understanding how Stories develop

  • Understanding automatic biases

  • Distraction is useful for mindfulness meditation

  • Practices that settle the mind

rocks balancing


Module 4

Mindfulness for Balance

Mindfulness in daily routines

  • Incorporating meditation with daily activities

  • Developing deeper listening skills

  • Finding Mindfulness through the heart

Module 5

Working with Insisting or Obsessive Thoughts

Relationship adjustment

  • Understanding how thoughts form, their impact and what to do with them

  • Using meditation to calm clinging and aversion

  • Practices that

Module 6

Mindfulness of Interdependence

Mindfulness with the outside world

  • Continuing to ease through connection

  • Exploring other ways Mindfulness can help us become present

  • What comes next

Instructor’s Bio

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is an accomplished author, speaker, Mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and coach with a passion for helping individuals, companies, and communities unlock their full potential.

With a background in Organizational Psychology, Compassionate Leadership, Buddhist teachings, and Mindfulness, Manijeh has dedicated her life to exploring the intersection of these practices for personal well-being, and environmental stewardship.

Manijeh has designed and implemented hundreds of Mindfulness courses, workshops, and retreats, taught thousands of people, published hundreds of blogs, and spoken at numerous conferences, summits, and universities. She is a UCLA MARC Affiliate Mindfulness teacher and currently teaching a specialized Mindfulness curriculum for adults with ADHD.

With a compassionate soul, Manijeh freely shares her path to healing from childhood traumas, the tsunamis of grief for the loss of her son, and how she has gain optimal inner peace, joy, and a thriving life.

Through her upcoming groundbreaking book, the “Mindful Happiness Hack,” she shares her innovative approach for creating a thriving future for all.

Connect with her on LinkedIn; Facebook; YouTube

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