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Transforming Negative Self-Views into Self-Compassion & Healing for Adult ADHD

(Live Online Course)

Four Wednesdays, May 24 – Jun 14

From 4:00 PM- 6:00 PM, PT


Without proper training, we undermine our own brilliance, self-doubt, go from one thing to another, and feel that we will never arrive.

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Hi there,

Thank you for your dedication to happiness and success in life.

This course is designed to empower individuals with ADHD and those who support them to transform negative self-views into self-compassion and healing. While studies suggest that people with ADHD experience criticism and negative feedback more frequently than their peers, this course offers solutions and hope for a more positive future.

Through education about ADHD Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria and ADHD suitable mindfulness and compassion practices, participants will learn to shift their perspectives and develop healthier responses to challenges such as forgetfulness, clutter, and disorganization. By reframing their experiences, participants can invigorate a self-positive outlook and enhance self-confidence.

This course is suitable for anyone seeking to better understand ADHD and its impacts, including family, friends, coaches and therapist who work with adult ADHD.

Join us on this journey towards self-compassion and healing.

When you understand how the ADHD brain works and develop the skills to do things according to your brain, you can reduce almost all of those challenges and live a successful happy life. Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Who should attend:

– Ages 16+ who believe are ADD/ ADHD.

– We encourage spouses, family members, teachers, therapists, coaches and trainers to attend to learn in order to support the ADHD individual effectively.

What Makes Mindfulness Applications for Adult ADHD A Unique Program?

  • In this course we adopt a more accurate view of this brain type. Not as a disorder rather a unique type of nervous system with unique set of functionalities that are not in line with the most popular brain type, known as neurotypical.
  • Understanding these differences and the unique qualities of an Interest-Based Nervous System, aka ADHD we’ve custom designed a training program to first and foremost bring ease and assurance to individuals with this brain type and to provide the means to develop the individual properly.

  • Offers detailed effective Mindfulness and heart-based practices.

Instructor’s Bio

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is an Organizational Psychologist and UCLA Authorized Mindfulness teacher. She is certified by NYU InnerMBA in creating Conscious Teams and Leaders. She has trained teams and executives at fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Health Net, and Kaiser. She has designed and implemented hundreds of courses and retreats, taught thousands of people, published hundreds of blogs, and spoken at numerous conferences, summits and universities.

Manijeh’s journey to understanding her ADD brain, its challenges and strengths and how she went about healing herself, childhood traumas, and the immense grief of the loss of her son, and gained optimal inner peace and joy is a phenomenal achievement to hear and learn from.

Manijeh’s ongoing personal practice, development, and Life Optimization Methodology continue to have a real positive impact on her students, clients, and the global community.

She is an AI Enthusiast and a contributor on the Planet Positive 2030 project designed by Stanford University and IEEE for a Sustainable Planet, offering recommendations on how to address human transformation in order to address climate change globally.

All my life I felt that I didn’t fit in, couldn’t follow through, too sensitive, too distracted, and just a failure, until this class. It almost feels like coming out. I have a new found hope.

John ~ student

Course Fee: $200 – $165

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