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    June 5, 2020

    Optimizing ADHD via Mindfulness:

    Improve Impulsiveness, Doubt, Tension, Fogginess, Hypersensitivity

    Six Tues, Nov 9 to Dec 21 (Nov 23 OFF)

    4-6 PM (PST, US & Canada time)

    ADHD Optimization & Mindfulness will improve the obstacles to daily life. You are brilliant, however prone to procrastinate, be unorganized, and branch out, leave tasks unfinished, and forget important commitments. Too many ideas invigorate and distract you.

    80% of the society is Neurotypical. Hence, their brains function differently than you. You don’t learn from natural consequences because your attention lives in the present moment and forgets the moment that just passed. It is hard to keep up with things because the world around you is made by and for the Neurotypicals, not your brain. As a result, it’s as though you constantly fail or do not fit in, feel in a rush, show up at the last minute, feel anxious and depressed.

    In this course, we teach you about your brain’s natural strengths. You learn Mindfulness tools to improve self-awareness, focus, and control of life.

    ADHD Evolves Through Mindfulness (AETM) Course Series

    This is an educational program designed with Mindfulness techniques specific for the ADHD nervous system. We offer practices appropriate to the way the ADHD brain can absorb. Science indicates Mindful Awareness can reduce worry, anxiety, forgetfulness, impulsive reactions, and hypersensitivity. With proper training and practice, you can change your brain, minimize tardiness, fogginess, and confusion. You are naturally present. Learn to use this natural strength to improve all other aspects of your life.

    Course Format:

    ADHD Human Software Optimization is an Eight Course Program:

    1. ADHD HSO I: The ADHD Nervous System: All about this brilliant brain
    2. ADHD HSO II: Attention, Focus, & Daily Mindfulness
    3. ADHD HSO II: Transforming Negative Self-Views into Self-Compassion
    4. ADHD HSO IV: Balance Life through Superb Emotions
    5. ADHD HSO V: Improve Obstacles to Daily Mindfulness (Impulsiveness, Doubt, Tension, Fogginess, Hypersensitivity)
    6. ADHD HSO VI: Mindfulness of Impact – Finding & Increasing Self-Worth
    7. ADHD HSO VII: Discover & Strengthen the ADHD Natural Resilience
    8. ADHD HSO VIII: Developing Equanimity For ADHD

    Who Should Attend?

    • Adults with ADHD / ADD (Ages 16 and up)
    • Family members/ spouses, teachers, trainers, coaches, therapists

    About The Teacher:

    Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

    “In her presence, one is inspired.” Martin Buehler

    Not Medical Advice or Replacement for Medical Treatment

    By signing up for these courses, you acknowledge that all contents presented in classes or private sessions are strictly educational and mental and behavioral training. Content and training offered here are not intended to replace medication and or traditional clinical therapy. Please consult with your physician about your needs for therapy and medication. These classes are designed to help optimize your brain’s effectiveness and support living with more awareness and attentiveness to your life.

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    Course Location: Zoom

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