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    May 16, 2017 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    Eightfold Path: Right Mindfulness


    “Meditation is training for the mind, to help it develop the strengths and skills it needs to solve its problems. Just as there are many different remedies for the various illnesses of the body, there are many different types of meditation for the various problems of the mind.

    “[Mindfulness Meditation] is a skill aimed at solving the mind’s most basic problem: the stress and suffering it brings on itself through its own thoughts and actions. Even though the mind wants happiness, it still manages to weigh itself down with mental pain. In fact, that pain comes from the mind’s misguided efforts to find happiness. Meditation helps to uncover the reasons for why the mind does this and, in uncovering them, helps you to cure them. In curing them, it opens you to the possibility of genuine happiness, a happiness you can rely on, a happiness that will never change or let you down.

    “That’s the good news of meditation: Genuine happiness is possible, and you can reach it through your own efforts. You don’t have to content yourself only with pleasures that will eventually leave you. You don’t have to resign yourself to the idea that temporary happiness is the best life has to offer. And you don’t have to pin your hopes for happiness on any person or power outside yourself. You can train the mind to access a totally reliable happiness, a happiness that causes no harm to you or to anyone else.”

    – Thanissaro Bhikkhu, “With Each and Every Breath”


    A word about the word, “Right.”
    The word right is a translation of the Pali word, Samma. The root of this word comes from an ancient Indian musical term meaning to be “in tune,” or in harmony. So, when a step on the path is right, it is in harmony with the other steps on the path as well as the goal of the path, which is freedom from suffering through the development of wisdom and compassion.”


    Course Content

    • What is the Eightfold Noble Path?
    • How do I practice this in my daily life?
    • How do I make a difference in the world?
    • The inner nuances of each step on the path.
    • Various views and interpretations of the step. 
    • Practice, light reading and discussion.

    Eightfold Path and Mindfulness
    Mindfulness is the seventh step in the Eightfold Path which is: 1. Right View, 2. Right Intention, 3. Right Speech, 4. Right Effort, 5. Right Action, 6. Right Livelihood, 7. Right Mindfulness and 8. Right Concentration. When one learns how to be Mindful, it will be useful to also learn other skills such as Right View (how to see things clearly) Right Intention (how to refine one’s intentions), Right Speech (how to speak wisely) and so on.  This series of courses lay the foundation for understanding the Eightfold Path and how to utilize it towards one’s well-being and success.  Each six session course will adopt and explore one of the Eightfold Path steps.

    Daniel Davis – Currently Daniel works with UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and is a Buddhist Chaplain at USC. He is Affiliated with Abhayagiri Monastery and under the guidance of Luang Por Passano. He is also the Co-founder and a teacher at Perfectly Here, a nonprofit mindfulness training organization. In addition, Daniel was also an active member of InsightLA where he helped build the organization by teaching and serving on its Executive Council. He has formally practiced Theravada and Zen meditation since 1986.

    Class Structure
    This class will meet weekly for 1 hour and 50 minutes per session for six sessions.

    Location and Parking Instructions
    This class will take place in Tarzana at: 19100 Ventura Blvd #5, Los Angeles, CA 91356. Parking is free and there no time limits in the front after 6:00pm. There are also plenty of free parking in the lot behind Tarzana Cultural Center. When you arrive at the shopping center go to the second floor and go all the way to the East side of the building. Go into the hallway and we will be the last door on the right.

    Refund, Make-up and Cancellation Policy
    Class Refunds must be requested before 5pm on Friday of the first week of class. There will be a $25 administrative fee. After the first Friday we cannot give refunds. Refunds should be requested by emailing: register@perfectlyhere.org.

    Perfectly Here reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. Registrants will be notified in advance of the class.No refunds or credits are given to registrant “no-shows”.

    If you miss a class, you may make it up during a current series or the series immediately following. No refund or prorate will be issued for missed classes. Students may Postpone a class. In this case, credit towards a future class will be provided if a registrant notifies us by phone or email in advance of 5pm on Friday of the first week of the class series. Future class must be made up on the class immediately following the missed class series. (For example: if postponing a May/June class series you will have to use your credit and enroll in the July/August class series)

    What to Bring
    All you need is comfortable clothing. Chairs and cushions are provided.

    Class Capacity
    We allow no more than 30 students per class.

    We offer special pricing for seniors (+65) and students. We are also offering a special package deal. When you buy the remaining 7 classes for the Eightfold Path series, you will be given 2 retreats for free. Take advantage of this special offer before it expires.

    Time and Date
    This class takes place on:

    • Tuesday, Sept 12 to Oct 17, from 12:00pm to 2:00 pm 


    406: Eightfold Path - Noble Right Effort

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