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    February 24, 2022

    UCLA MAPS Applications:

    Introduction to Mindfulness for Adult ADHD

    Four Wednesdays, March 23 – April 13
    4:00-6:00 PM, PST

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    As an ADHD adult, you are brilliant, full of great ideas and insights, and definitely able to be present and attentive. You don’t put things back where they belong, act impulsively, lose interest, become bored, anxious, are hyper-sensitive to blame, have no sense of time, forget important things, and can’t stick with things to the finish line.


    Through years of work with thousands of clients Dr. William Dodson, psychiatrist, tells us the ADHD brain simply functions differently than the 80% – 90% of the society who are “Neurotypicals.” For example, you become motivated, engaged, focused, and on top of things in 4 to 5 completely unique ways than others do. This can cause you to be hyper-focused or not engaged. There are several other differences, and knowing them will empower your brain and mind to be more consistent and effective.

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    Most doctors are not educated about these differences and treat according to old paradigms. Unfortunately, most tips, including regular Mindfulness aimed to fix these issues have failed, leaving the ADHD adult hopeless and stuck.

    When you understand how the ADHD brain works and develop the skills to do things accordingly, you can reduce almost all of the challenges mentioned above and live a successful happy life.

    You Will Learn:

    In this introductory course, you learn about your brain’s unique qualities and natural strengths and pick up a few modified Mindfulness tools. This is an educational course designed with Mindfulness techniques for the ADHD nervous system. We offer practices appropriate to the way the ADHD brain can absorb.


    Science indicates Mindful Awareness can reduce worry, anxiety, forgetfulness, impulsive reactions, and hypersensitivity. With training and practice, you can fine-tune your brain to reduce tardiness, fogginess, and confusion. You are naturally present. Learn how to harness this natural strength of being present.

    Course Format:

    • Appropriate meditation techniques (Mindfulness, Loving Kindness, self-compassion, etc.)
    • Education
    • In-class group discussions and practice
    • Home practices

    Who should attend: 

    Ages 16+ who believe are ADD/ ADHD. We encourage spouses, family members, teachers, therapists, coaches, and trainers to attend to learn in order to support the ADHD individual effectively.

    About the Instructor:

    Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is an Organizational Psychologist, she is a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator and UCLA MARC Affiliate Mindfulness Teacher. She holds three certificates from InnerMBA by Mindful NYU. She is the Founder of Perfectly Here and Mindful Business Institute. She has over 15 years of Mindfulness practice and long-retreat experiences internationally. Manijeh has designed and taught hundreds of Mindfulness curricula to thousands of people, trained corporations and executives while enduring and overcoming the debilitating challenges of her ADD brain. She developed customized Mindfulness courses and helped train many of her adult ADHD students to understand, develop and improve their sensitivities and ADHD-related challenges.

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    Four Wednesdays, March 23 – April 13
    4:00-6:00 PM, PST


    Live on Zoom – Click to Register – this will take you to UCLA site for signup.


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