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    November 18, 2020

    Walk With Mindfulness & Compassion. Cleanse, Calm & Heal The Planet and Ourselves From The Coronavirus’s Negative Impacts.

    Join us on December 13 as we walk or move with Mindfulness, Compassion, and Loving-Kindness. Our Mindful, attentive walk and movement will calm negative energies, soothe the earth, and ease our hearts and minds.

    You may join us wherever you are. Organize a group, join one, or do it on your own.

    Walk Mindfully with Compassion within 24 hours in any time-zone to increase the power of Cleansing and Relief.

    Instructions on Mindfully-Walking

    1. Find an open space, someplace outdoors where you can walk for a few minutes. If you cannot find an outdoor space, do it indoors.
    2. If you cannot find a particular spot or time of this day to do your Mindful Walk, then do it while you are walking from one location to another. For example, from the kitchen to the bedroom or from the parking lot to a store, etc. Just follow instructions.
    3. If you use other modes to move from one spot to another, such as a wheelchair, you can still do this. Please follow instructions and modify to your situation.
    4. Before you start walking, set an intention. Bring to your mind how tough it has been for people around the world. So many have lost loved ones. So many have experienced pain and suffering from catching the Covid 19. So many have endured other related hardships.
    5. Don’t get lost in the grief and sadness. Take one breath-in and release it into the air.
    6. To walk stand up talk, as comfortable and balanced as you can. Feel the bottoms of your feet touching the ground. Notice how this ground is holding you up. Even if you are on a second or third floor, you are still being held by the earth. Let that give you a sense of security.
    7. Let your shoulders be relaxed. Hold your hands either in front of you or on the sides, not on the back. Feel the bottom of your feet and take one step with awareness and feeling the movement of your body.
    8. You may feel off balance a bit because you are not on autopilot, but it’s ok. You know how to walk and stand. Just take one step, move forward, and land your foot down with awareness. Feel sensations of touch at the bottom of your feet.
    9. Take one more step, feel that one step. All you need to do is to feel one step at a time. There are no hidden obligations. Just feel one step at a time with full awareness.
    10. Step by step till you have covered 10-15 paces. You are not trying to look around and enjoy something. Your eyes are open and just concentrating on the sensations at the bottom of your feet, the movement of your body, and relaxing into it.
    11. When you get to the end of the 10-15 paces, make a full stop. Take one breath, adjust your shoulders. Feel your body, then turn around to go back on that same path. Repeat the same step by step, with full awareness and compassion to yourself and all beings on the earth.
    12. One step at a time.
    13. If you like, you may repeat a couple of words in your mind. With every step, I am here. With every step, it is now. Here, Now.
    14. Here, Now – do this for a few minutes.

    Instructions on Mindfully-Moving

    If you would like to organize a Mindful-Walk in your area contact us via info@perfectlyhere.org