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    September 14, 2016 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    UCLA Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) II: Cultivating Positive Emotions

    Six Sat, May 8 – June 19

    9 – 11 AM:  PM (PST)

    Plus 30 Min Supportive Meditation Mondays 7:30 am (PST)

    Class Overview

    This MAPs II: Cultivating Positive Emotions class emphasizes heart-based qualities that complement mindfulness. Moreover, these emotions can be cultivated through meditation practices. To benefit these heart qualities, we will explore loving-kindness, compassion, equanimity (even-mindedness), joy, generosity, and gratitude. Importantly, you will learn new meditations and other tools to work with when you find yourself stuck and not feeling positive emotions, and practical exercises to incorporate into our daily life. Uniquely designed, this is a helpful expansion to our basic mindfulness practice.

    Class Structure

    This is a 6-week class that meets once a week for two hours. Each class is a combination of lecture, practice, group feedback, and discussion. Students report that the group support was one of the most helpful and inspiring aspects of the class.

    Who Should Take This Class?

    MAPs courses help people of all backgrounds and religions and are suitable for ages 16 and over.


    Attendance in Introduction to Mindfulness, MAPs I, or equivalent mindfulness class. If you have not taken MAPs I, please e-mail the instructor a brief description of your equivalent experience to manijeh@perfectlyhere.org before the class start date.


    Dr. Manijeh Motaghy – A Founder, Executive Director, and Guiding Teacher at Perfectly Here. She is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Business Institute and California Mindfulness Institute. As an Authorized Mindfulness teacher by UCLA MARC, Manijeh teaches four of MARC’s signature Mindfulness courses. Manijeh holds a Doctorate in Psychology of Organization Management. She has years of personal experience practicing Mindfulness and teaching it nationally and internationally. For more on her bio, click on her name above.

    Location: Currently on Zoom

    Class Registration Policy

    Perfectly Here, classes/events are educational programs, not clinical treatment. Registrations are accepted online, by check or cash in person, and are not complete until payment is received. Registration with payment is strongly encouraged as class sizes are limited and do fill quickly.

    Refund and Cancellation Policy


    Special consideration is given to those with Covid 19 hardship. 

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