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    June 5, 2020

    The Mindful ADHD Adult: Transform Disinterest, Forgetfulness & Procrastination to PURPOSEFUL-LIVING, Part I.

    Six Tues, Jan 12 – Feb 16

    7-9 PM (PST, US & Canada time)

    Brilliance, Forgetfulness, and Procrastination are some of the shared marks of a person with ADHD. Though forgetfulness and procrastination cause problems, they are the result of the natural strength of being present. Many try to develop the skill of being present and fail. However, the ADHD nervous system is already naturally present. It is a matter of understanding how it causes problems and to manage it.

    Whether you have been identified as ADHD or wonder you may have ADHD, this class will help you improve the strengths and challenges caused by your ADHD brain.

    In This Class

    This is an educational course where you will learn Mindfulness techniques and practices appropriate to the way your brain is capable of absorbing. With Mindful Awareness, you can reduce worry, anxiety, forgetfulness and impassivity, and hypersensitivity. You can learn to reduce incidents of tardiness, fogginess, and confusion and increase the natural strengths and brilliance of your ADHD brain.

    Class Format:

    • Meditation (Mindfulness, Loving Kindness, etc.) (sample practice with negative and difficult emotions: Soothing The ADHD Mind With “KIND” & Mindfulness)
    • Education
    • In-class group and individual practice
    • Home practices

    Who Should Attend?

    • Ages 16 and up with ADHD
    • Business people and executives
    • Artists and any other adult with ADHD
    • Family members/ spouses of those who have ADHD
    • Therapists and coaches who work with Adult ADHD

    About The Teacher:

    Manijeh Motaghy has a Doctorate in Psychology of Management Consulting. She is an Authorized Mindfulness Teacher by UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. She has designed hundreds of Mindfulness-Based course curricula, including to Improve The Strengths and Challenges of Adult ADHD, which has supported her ADHD brain to function optimally. Manijeh is an International Speaker and Corporate Trainer. She has 10,000+ hours of practice and training in Mindfulness and Buddhist teachings. Her students and clients continue to make rave reviews for transforming their lives with happiness and optimal functionality.

    “In her presence, one is inspired.” Martin Buehler

    Course Location: Zoom

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