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    August 28, 2022

    Part III: Resolving Distraction and Procrastination (5-week class)

    by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy


    Living with an ADHD brain in a Neurotypical system can be debilitating. But with proper Mindfulness training one can live a fulfilling and successful life.

    In this class, we explore distraction and procrastination, which can cause much agony and disappointment in life. We will learn that there are benefits to distraction and procrastination and ways to develop attention and focus to be strategic and purposeful in life.

    To strengthen and balance the ADHD brain, we learn about the three capacities in attention and the six faculties of focus. Attendees can evaluate how much development they have in each area and what aspects to develop.

    Based on the instructor’s own transformation, experience, and expertise with ADHD, attendees will incorporate suitable daily Mindfulness practices that can improve all aspects of their lives.

    Pre-requisite: No

    Fees & Registration:

    Please click Here to register through UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.