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    March 12, 2016

    Mindfulness for Adult ADHD:

    Improving Challenges & Strengths

    For many decades cognitive and behavioral therapies have not worked for ADHD. This is mainly because tips and strategies offered are based on how a Neurotypical Nervous System (90% of the population) works. Imposing and forcing the ADHD brain to change and become neurotypical is not possible and has not worked.
    Recent research about ADHD brain shows that ADHD is NOT a disorder, rather the ADHD brain has its own unique function that needs to be understood according to how it functions, not according to how the “neurotypical” brains function. Research also indicates that “Neurotypical” does NOT constitute “normal” nor does ADHD constitutes abnormal. These are simply different brain systems.

    Studies show that Mindfulness Training improves anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, procrastination, clutter, and impulsive reactions. Mindfulness training increases: calmness, clarity, focus and attentiveness, helps manage emotions and increase productivity. Mindful Awareness changes neural activity and neuropathways in the brain.

    In this 6 week course we introduce Mindfulness tools and practices that are designed for the ADHD nervous system (brain function). With practice these Mindfulness tools and exercises can greatly improve the lives of adults with ADHD and their families.

    1. How the ADHD brain (nervous system) functions
    2. How to create calm and attentiveness using mindful awareness exercises
    3. Tools to manage anxiety, fear, worry, anger and self-doubt/ self-judgment
    4. Tools to focus and achieve goals when tasks are not interesting or boring
    5. Effective strategies best for the ADHD Nervous System that can improve:

    Behavioral Challenges:
    Lack of Time Management
    lack of Attentiveness
    Low Self-confidence


    Ability to tend more than one thing at a time
    Outside the box thinking
    Great at solving problems
    Higher IQ
    Ability to read others
    Affable, likable, zany sense of humor

    This class offers a safe and encouraging environment to help discover the participants’ strengths and identify ways to naturally excel.

    Course is suitable for ages 18 and up.
    ***Please note:
    This is strictly an educational class and does not replace therapy or medication for the treatment of ADHD. The right medication is helpful to keep attention consistent while working on behavior improvement. The instructor is not a clinical Psychologist and will not be offering therapy. Though the practice of Mindfulness encourages self-examination and provides tools for behavior modification. The program is designed to help adults with ADHD become aware of their unique brain function and it’s implications. To help improve their attention, time sensitivity, stress, anxiety, impulsiveness, impatience, procrastination, self-doubt and self-esteem.

    Teacher: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy (bio)
    Limit: 15

    Date and Time: Wait-list

    To put in a request to be on our waiting list, please e-mail admin@perfectlyhere.org

    Fee: SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: With every sign-up, we invite a family member or partner to attend the course at NO extra COST. We’d like to offer the opportunity for family and partners to understand these challenges, support and practice tools offered in this course for greater fulfillment.

    For Parents of ADHD children: If you are a parent of an ADD/ADHD child and would like to attend and learn about this brain function so you may help your child it would be a great idea as well. But we do not cater to children in this class. Thank you for your interest.

    ***SPECIAL DISCOUNT: For current or recent student of Perfectly Here.

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    To CONTACT: info@perfectlyhere.org

    Refund and Cancellation Policy
    Class Refunds must be requested no later than 72 hours in advance before the first session of the class will be assessed a $25 administrative fee. We regret that we cannot give refunds after this date. Refunds should be requested by emailing info@perfectlyhere.org
    Perfectly Here reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. Registrants will be notified in advance of the class. Refunds will be sent within 5 business days from the cancellation date.
    No refunds or credits are given to registrant “no-shows”.

    Postponing a Class: Credit towards a future class will be provided if a registrant notifies us by phone or email no later than 72 hours before the first session of the class series. This class is specialized, therefore it will be only offered 3 times per year. So, credits may be applied to other classes or events. Talk to the administration to arranged for this.

    Make-up Class: No make up available at this time. No refund or prorate will be issued for missed classes.

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