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    September 6, 2020

    Mindfulness For Beginners

    Four Sundays, Sept 13 – Oct 18

    From 10-11 AM

    Mindfulness is a clear clean mental space, where one is open, receptive, attentive and non-judgmental. This mental space can show up randomly or with particular circumstances. For example, when one is in nature, or focused with what one is doing. However, there is more to it. It’s about having a more spacious mind where one is aware of one’s own thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. During this awareness, then we get the chance to see clearly what is going on and what is the best response in the moment for the circumstance at hand.

    The medical and many other fields use the practice of Mindfulness for stress reduction and reduction of many symptoms of illnesses and even for enhancing productivity. However, there may be too much expectation from the state of Mindfulness.

    Mindfulness Is Not Enough.

    During this course we learn various techniques and tools on how to be Mindful in the moment and what else is necessary to enhance and sustain one’s sense of ease peace.


    Six one hour sessions. We will cover sitting, standing and walking meditations, Mindfulness of your body, eating, listening and more.


    Dr. Manijeh Motaghy has a doctorate in Psychology of Management Consulting. She is a UCLA Certified and Authorized Mindfulness Teacher. She provides Mindfulness-based programs for executives and teams. She has lead over 90 day-long Mindfulness retreats. She is the co-founder of Mindful Valley dba Perfectly Here and the Founder of Mindful Business Institute.


    We offer scholarships to those who are experiencing financial hardship. We invite and engage everyone in either benefiting from and or contributing to ourNo One Turned Away For Lack of Funds.

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