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    June 5, 2020

    Section D: Transforming Negative Self-Views into Self-Compassion & Healing.

    Instructor: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

    Four Wednesdays; May 18 – June 8

    5:30 to 7:30 PM, PST

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    ADHD Mindfulness program will help heal and optimize your life. You are creative and brilliant, however, prone to procrastinate, be unorganized, live with clutter, easily get distracted, leave tasks unfinished, and forget important commitments. Too many ideas invigorate but hold you back from progress. All of this is due to misunderstood and untrained neurodiversity.

    Statistics show about 80% of society is Neurotypical. Hence, their brains function similarly to each other and are different from yours. You don’t learn from natural consequences because your attention lives in the present moment and forgets the moment that just passed. It is hard to keep up with things because the world and conventional systems around you are made by and for the Neurotypicals, not your brain. As a result, it’s as though you constantly fail or do not fit in, feel restless with too much energy or not enough, show up at the last minute, and feel anxious and depressed.

    In this course, we educate you and your family about your brain’s unique characteristics, and natural strengths, and help you heal from self-judgment, inner pains, and doubts. You learn Mindfulness tools to improve self-awareness, focus, and take better control of life and relationships. You get to work on rewiring your brain to become more effective and efficient.

    Course Series

    This is an eight-series educational and training program with Mindfulness techniques specific to the ADHD nervous system. These Mindfulness, meditation, and other practices are suitable for the way the ADHD brain can absorb. Science indicates Mindful Awareness can reduce worry, anxiety, forgetfulness, impulsive reactions, and hypersensitivity, improving joy, timeliness, memory, and presence. With proper training and practice, you can rewire your brain, and minimize tardiness, fogginess, and confusion. You are naturally present. Learn how to use this natural strength to improve all other aspects of your life. Courses may be taken by themselves or as a program. We highly recommend taking all these courses as the first course offers an overview and some techniques and the following provide opportunities for deeper understanding, practice, and optimization.

    Course Format:


    Please Note: Section A should be taken by everyone preferably before attending other sections. All these topics are necessary. They work together to enhance your learning, training, and experience.

    Section AIntro to ADHD Nervous System: Awareness and Alignment with the Brilliance and Unique Function. Prerequisite for all other sections.

    This course provides education about the differences between a “neurotypical” and ADHD nervous system. Reveals the strengths of the ADD/ADHD nervous system and provides practices to improve time management and reduce procrastination.

    Section B – Healing & Empowering Important Relationships

    This course is offered to help family members, spouses, siblings, friends, partners, and coworkers to understand the dynamics of the ADHD brain, how to be a support system with love and compassion, and how to utilize the strengths of the ADHDer’s brain for more effective outcomes, unity, and or closeness.

    Section C – Improving Attention, Focus & Daily Mindfulness

    This course provides education on the three components of attention, six faculties of focus, and the non-linear ADHD brain memory system. Practices that can improve these nine aspects and the memory system with appropriate meditation and daily Mindfulness.

    Section D – Transforming Negative Self-Views into Self-Compassion & Healing.

    This course provides education on ADHD extreme rejection sensitivity and self-judgment, rage, people-pleasing, or disregarding coping mechanisms, which cause conflict and disappointment for everyone involved. There will be Mindfulness practices to help with healing, reframing, and shifting to healthier responses.

    Section E Balancing Life And Difficulties through Heart Intelligent Practices.

    This course helps fine-tune emotional experiences and strengthen high-level effective emotions that live deep within. To increase joy and creativity, and improve spontaneity.

    Section F – Improving Impulsiveness, Doubt, Tension, Fogginess, Hypersensitivity

    This course provides education and Mindfulness training to improve absentmindedness, anxiety, worry, and forgetfulness.

    Section G – Mindfulness of Impact – Finding & Increasing Self-Worth

    This course addresses experiences of not fitting in, confusion about how one is viewed by others, awareness of the impact on others, and how to value oneself more accurately within different relationship contexts, including in one’s career.

    Section H – Fine-tuning and Strengthening the ADHD Natural Resilience

    Please Note: We suggest that you take at least one other section in addition to section A before taking this course. This course is about deepening Mindfulness, self-awareness, recognition of unique talents and qualities, and improving practice and development.

    Section I – Developing Equanimity for ADHD

    This course provides education and training to increase peacefulness and acceptance to allow life to emerge as it may while continuing to heal and grow in life.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Adults with ADHD / ADD (Ages 16 and up)
    • Family members/ spouses, teachers, trainers, coaches, therapists

    About The Teacher:

    Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

    “In her presence, one is inspired.” Martin Buehler


    By signing up for these courses, you acknowledge that all contents presented in classes or private sessions are strictly educational, mental, and behavioral training. Content and training offered here are not intended to replace medication and or traditional clinical therapy. Please consult with your physician about your needs for therapy and medication. These classes are designed to help optimize your brain’s effectiveness through training and support living with more awareness and attentiveness to your life. ADHD often coexists with other mental disorders. This course will only address ADHD difficulties. However, these Mindfulness practices have proven to improve conditions across neurodiversity and issues.

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    Course Location: Zoom
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