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    December 23, 2020

    Mindfulness Retreat:

    Setting Wise Resolutions For Success in 2021

    Sunday, January 31 from 9 AM to 4 PM

    Looking back at all the years that you made a New Year’s Resolution, what happened?

    Did you keep at it fully and consistently? Did you forget and realize you haven’t followed through?

    Was it too much of an ideal or impractical goal?

    Did you wonder how not to feel a sense of failure when you didn’t follow through?

    Did you feel confused and disappointed?
    Well, this is a prevalent experience. You are not alone. But we can change this.

    Let’s be kinder this year and set an intention, aspiration, and goal in a way that is sustainable and doable.

    We Gather

    Every year in January, we gather during a day of retreat and contemplate what is possible, what is practical, and then set an aspiration for it. We explore how to modify this aspiration and goal along the way. This takes Mindful Awareness of yourself, your resources, where you are in life, and how to go about setting your mind on something you’d like to change, enhance, and improve in your life. Join us to do this collectively with support while rejuvenating and reflecting.

    Join Us

    in a day of rejuvenation, reflection, and setting wise aspirations for 2021.