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    June 4, 2020

    Celebrating Life With Mindfulness & Love Day-long Retreat


    Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

    Celebrating Life With Mindfulness, Love and Compassion retreat is to give us a chance to heal and regain a sense of joy for life. Love and loss are a part of our human experience and existence. While love can be both enriching and painful, loss is always painful. It is hard at first, but as we move through the pains of grief we become more open to celebrating the lives of our loved passed ones. Seeing them as angels who joined our journey and impacted our lives in many ways. Some may have given us hell and others given us hope, love and joy. In either case, we are who we are as a result of all of our human encounters.

    Why Practice Mindfulness & Love?

    We particularly practice compassion, mindfulness and love towards ourselves so that we can mend our wounds, change our self defeating thoughts and to feel loved in a way no one has ever loved us before. With this feeling of love and joy we celebrate life for ourselves and our loved ones who have passed.

    Retreat Information:

    June 27 marks thirty days passing of our dearest friend and colleague, Mindfulness teacher, Joel McNenny. Please join us in celebrating his life and the life of all your passed loved ones. We offer the goodness of our efforts and practice to benefit Joel’s heart and soul. May it bring him to a most fortunate life next time around, as Joel believed in rebirth.

    Retreat Is OPEN TO All Internationally. Let the merits of our collective practice benefit all who have passed on.


    Donations will be graciously accepted. Your donations will allow us to continue offering our Mindfulness programs and retreats to the community without turning anyone away for lack of funds.

    Please donate here: https://perfectlyhere.org/no-one-turned-away-lack-funds-scholarships/

    Retreat Format:

    • You may participate for parts or the full day (10:00am to 6pm PST)
    • We may be able to host a few people face to face for local people. TBA
    • On Zoom, you have the choice of being visible on camera or not
    • Please enjoy the retreat with your fellow online community. This is for you and the cultivation of joyand good health

    Register to attend on Zoom below. You may attend both Sat & Sun retreat with the link below.


    Please share this retreat link with your social network to benefit all who need to improve self-compassion, mindfulness and love. thank you.

    Retreat Schedule

    10am – Introductions & Theme of the day

    10:30am – Joining us from Sri Lanka, talk by Jason Manu Rheaume

    11am-1pm – Meditation practices, sitting, walking, etc. (guided & silent)

    1-2pm – Lunch break

    2-2:30pm – Celebration of life – honoring loved ones who have passed

    2:30pm – Love Meditation

    3:00pm – Talk & Practice Video by Joel McNenny

    3:30pm – Sharing our hearts with the community

    4-4:30pm – Break

    4:30pm – Planting Iceberg ceremony in honor of Joel McNenny

    5-6pm – Meditation and Closing Ceremony

    Thank you for your participation. May the goodness of your efforts benefit yourself and all beings. Please send your support donations to our No One Turned Away Scholarships.

    Please donate here: https://perfectlyhere.org/no-one-turned-away-lack-funds-scholarships/