• Mindfulness Enhanced Relationships: Avoid Communication Pitfalls

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    April 18, 2020

    How To Mindfully Survive Quarantine Family Tensions

    April 24, 25, 26 – Fri, Sat and Sun, From 3-4:30 PM

    For Shorter sessions go to Thursday, April 23, 11am or 1pm.


    Relating to one another is getting harder for many families in quarantine across the nation. Not being prepared for spending so much time together in quarantine, relationship issues of Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness or Stonewalling are on the rise. Quarantined together makes many feel too much control, too little space. When unable to communicate feelings, thoughts needs and wants, one resorts to communication styles that feel as though it is the end of the relationship. During this quarantine some have become closer to each other while others may feel they can’t do this anymore. If you want some valuable tools and skills to help ease tension in your home, attend our 3 Day How to Survive Coronavirus Quarantine With Significant Others. Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, UCLA Certified Mindfulness Facilitator and Teacher, will teach you Mindfulness techniques and qualities that increase friendliness, order and joy in your home.

    In These 3 Days How to Mindfully Survive the Tensions of Quarantine, You Will Learn:

    Day 1:

    1. The drawbacks of Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling . (The Four Horsemen by John Gottman)
    2. The Simple Formula for Happiness.
    3. Antidote to the Four Horsemen (Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling).
    4. Skilful techniques to communicate your wants and needs.

    Day 2:

    1. Cultivate self-love and compassion
    2. Increase love and harmony
    3. Relieve stress and self-sooth
    4. How to quiet your mind – Mindfulness Meditation

    Day 3:

    1. Align expectations with harmony and without giving up your needs
    2. How to transform Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness and Stonewalling into Loving and Effective Communication
    3. Learn to listen Mindfully and respond Mindfully
    4. Ways to increase attentiveness, care and compassion


    Zoom – You will receive a link to attend upon your registration and submission of payment.


    All 3 sessions for $30

    Refund Policy:

    Standard Refund Policy: All payments are final. To request a refund you must be write to us at least 5 business days prior to the date of each session. If you have registered later than the five business days notice requirement and need to cancel we may consider giving you credit for future sessions minus $25 administration fee. There will be NO refund for registrant NO Shows. Class fees may NOT be prorated.

    For Private Sessions: Contact us via info@perfectlyhere.org to set up a time to receive one-on-one guidance.