Rick SweenyInstructor

Rick is a Trained Mindfulness Facilitator through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA. He is also certified to teach youth via MindfulSchools.org curriculum. Rick is an Affiliate MAPS I teacher for UCLA MARC and is a member of the International Mindfulness Teacher Association.
He started Mindfulness Meditation practice in 2006 to reduce stress and improve his health. Rick quickly discovered positive changes from his practice and wanted to share it with others. He has shared Mindfulness with adults and high school students and has a long history of giving back to others, including being a fundraiser and volunteer high school and elementary school teacher for two charitable organizations. Forever a student of life, Rick has 2 Bachelor degrees; one in Economics and the other in Political Science. He is also the proud father of 3 children.

Started Teacher training for Non Profit called Junior Achievement.

1994 and 1995- La Reina High School.Private Catholic All Girls School in Thousand Oaks.

1996 to 2016 continued working as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement, a non Profit. Worked at Simi Public High School in Mid 1990s and at Calabasas Public High School in the same period. I also worked for Grace Brethren High school , a private Christian High School for quite a number of years for Jr Achievement starting in the year 2000 up to and beyond 2005. in the Mid 2000’s also taught at Simi High School again. I also taught at Conejo Public Continuation High School in mid 2000’s

Mindfulness Practice Summarized:

I first began sitting in 2006/2007 using a book and CD. In 2007, started sitting with Insight LA in Chatsworth, California with Daniel Davis. Took MBSR with Trudy Goodman and Christiana Wolf in fall 2008. Have taken a total of approximately 13 Mindfulness classes including three classes that were one year or longer in the length. Completed 2-year Mindfulness class Called Dharma Wisdom in December 2015 . I completed a 6 week Mindful Self Compassion class in July 2016. I also completed a 6 week class called Mindful Educators Essentials (mindfulschools.org) in August 2016. I am presently enrolled in a MAPS 111 class at the Marc @ UCLA that deals with Relational Mindfulness. In 2017 I took and completed 7 MAPS Classes while completing my TMF program.

Initiated and led two sitting groups. I am trying to start a third. In 2011, started a peer study/sitting group that continued after the class called Deepening Joy under the guidance of Christiana Wolf, the instructor. After threading the bureaucracy of my employer I initiated another sitting group. It started in November 2011 during lunch hour at State Farm with Christiana Wolf as advisor. It continued until my retirement in June 2012. I am attempting to initiate a third sitting group. This latest attempt will allow class members to continue their practice of MSC following their attendance in a Mindful Self Compassion class we attended this summer.


California State University Northridge. Earned 2 Bachelor of Arts degrees: 1) political science and 2) economics. Graduated Magna cum laude with a 3.67 grade point average. Started college at age 21 and graduated at age 26.

Mindfulness Practice History:

Late 2006/early 2007 I read then book “Full Catastrophe Living” and started Insight       Meditation by listening to CD’s from the book. In late 2007 started attending

sitting group in Chatsworth, Calif. with Daniel Davis

Retreats Attended:

Name/Type of Retreat

Date or Year

Length of retreat


Various Names. 1 to 2 day nonresidential.

2007 to present

1 to 2 days

Total days estimated at 13-15

 Daniel Davis,Trudy Goodman, Noah Levine, Diana Winston, Sharon Salzburg, Phillip Moffit and others I cannot remember

Joshua Tree


9 days

 same as directly below except for Spring Washiam

 Joshua Tree


9 days

Jack Korfield,Noah Levine, Wes Nisker, Lyla Kate-Wheeler, Matthew Brensilver, Larry Yang, Trudy Goodman, Spring Washiam

Spirit Rock

Feb 2014

28 days

Guy Armstrong, James Baraz, Andrea Fell And others including visiting teachers I cannot remember

Lucerne Valley

Sept 2016

3.5 days

Christiana Wolf, Trudy Goodman