We are happy to offer some full and partial scholarships to help offset the cost of programs, classes and events. To receive a scholarship please send us an “Ask Letter”. An “Ask letter” is a statement of need. Please let us know how/why this class or event will be beneficial to you. Tell us of your financial need. Do not disclose financial data such as social security number. These are granted in very limited numbers and are on a first-come first serve basis. Let us know of the class/event of your interest. This does not necessarily guarantee a scholarship. The decision on scholarships will be made prior to the start date. You will receive a call or email confirming your scholarship. If you receive a partial scholarship, you may pay by check or credit card. Work-exchange is also available.

Please submit your “Ask Letter” to Register@perfectlyhere.org. For further questions, please call (818) 453-0640.

If you are a First-Responder or a family member of a First-Responder you may receive a scholarship for MAPs I or Youth Mindfulness or other qualified programs. To receive this scholarship go to either class can click on the registration button. From there proceed by filling out the form and click, “Yes, I am a First Responder” or “Yes, I am a family member of a First Responder.”