• Student Testimonial

  • By working with Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, I have learned how to relate with myself, my inner life, others, and the world in a much more embodied, enriching, and joyful way.

    I have gained a greater understanding and deepened experiences through Manijeh’s guided meditations, the relational environment she creates, elegant explanations of concepts, and disseminating powerful tools, practices, and resources. She teases out the most fundamental knowledge and wisdom so that it is tailored to the specific class she is teaching – to the effect of being highly resonant and impactful.

    It’s great to learn mindfulness from a teacher who lives and breathes it herself! Manijeh embodies the qualities that arise from the practices she teaches – authenticity, openness, compassion, attunement, and integrity towards each student, the process, and the content within the curriculum.

    I strongly recommend learning and practicing alongside Manijeh at Perfectly Here to deepen understanding, acceptance, and applied knowledge, which is truly helpful in all life areas!