Raving reviews about our classes and instructors:

“I am so glad I took Manijeh’s Grieving Course! Her mindfulness perspective and wonderful techniques work to help ease suffering from grief and related guilt, and can also be applied to all kinds of other losses we experience in life. She even has an emergency technique that can be used in the moment to help shut down most any overwhelming painful emotions. Overall the information and experience of being in this class open new ways of perceiving and dealing with both immediate and long-standing causes of suffering, adding greatly to one’s mindful practice. And Manijeh does it all with the skill and compassion of a master teacher.” Marcia P.

“Manijeh’s Deepening and Advanced classes guide our group’s wonderful journey towards inner peace, unbounded freedom and unconditional happiness. Join us!” Martin B.

“Manijeh, I want to say thank you for all the information and teachings that you have imparted to me.  I am filled with an overwhelming abundance of gratitude for what you have taught me and for this practice.  I can not imagine going back to the way I was living my life. The only option is this gradual path forward towards peace, joy, and contentment. Thank you for that.”  All my love, Chris C.

“I have gathered profound insights and practical techniques to bring more awareness to my life, thank you Manijeh.” Joseph

“The contemporary mindfulness movement is a gift to the world. I found the ethos, design and conduct of the mindfulness program at Perfectly Here so very helpful. Dr. Motaghy is a skilled and experienced practitioner and effective teacher. Through the classes my own practice was refreshed and expanded. Lovely!” David Kitch

“Mindfulness has brought me a new level of calm!! Accepting what is. Bringing love and kindness to myself has given me a new found freedom.” Randy S.

“Somehow through the teachings and reinforcing the wisdom given in class I have been able to let go of the idea that I must suffer. I can see my reality in the moment and the ability to choose to not suffer which sometimes comes as a result of not wanting to see my reality and in my suffering my imaginings of the negative grow.” Marilynn R.