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MAPS Applications: Introduction to Mindfulness for Adult ADHD

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MAPS Applications: Introduction to Mindfulness for Adult ADHD

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Welcome to the Course

Welcome to Mindfulness for Adult ADHD

Living with an ADHD brain in a world designed by and for the Neurotypical nervous systems can be debilitating. Constantly experiencing inconsistency, failing, forgetting, showing up late, waiting till the last minute, and lots of anxiety that goes with it.

The great news is that with proper specialized Mindfulness training, you can live a fulfilling and successful life within a dominantly neurotypical society.

In a series of courses, we explore Dr. William Dodson’s theory of looking at Attention Deficit Disorder as an Interest-Based Nervous System.  We bring Mindfulness to each area that the ADHD brain functions differently.

Neurodiversity is a fairly new concept and a very important one to consider for the ADHD brain type.

Understanding these differences and the unique qualities of an Interest-Based Nervous System, aka ADHD has helped us custom design a training program that could help rewire the brain for better attentiveness, self-awareness, focus, timeliness, and sticking with projects and one’s path in life.  Mindfulness in this context can greatly reduce anxiety, self-doubt, depression, anger, confusion, and a sense of failure and improve quality of life and a sense of success and belonging.

Program Course Topics Include:

  1. Differences between ADHD and Neurotypical Nervous Systems: Connecting with the Brilliance Within
  2. Developing Focus to Reduce Distraction, Clutter, and Procrastination
  3. Transforming Negative Self Views to Self-Compassion and Healing
  4. Reconnecting Through Graceful Emotions: Tapping into Superior Presence
  5. Cultivating Positive Impact on Relationships
  6. Managing Obstacles to Mindful Awareness & Living a Natural Flow
  7. Developing Equanimity for a More Steady Stream of Peace & Joy
  8. Other related specialized topics

We will learn that there are benefits to distraction and procrastination and ways to develop attention and focus to be strategic and purposeful in life.

To strengthen and balance the ADHD brain, we learn about the three capacities of attention and the six faculties of focus. Attendees can evaluate how much development they have in each area and what aspects to develop.

Based on the instructor’s own transformation, experience, and expertise with ADHD, the course offers suitable daily Mindfulness practices to improve all aspects of their lives.

ADHD in harmony
MAPS Applications: Introduction to Mindfulness for Adult ADHD
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