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MLO I: Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living

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MLO I: Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living

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Welcome to the Course

Welcome to Powering Up Your Therapy/Coaching Practice with LIFE Optimization Methodology/Training.

The vision of having an unbiased world, where humanity has resolved their traumas and living fulfilling lives, where our children are loved, feel safe, and have bright futures, where business and society thrive without harming their people and the planet is possible.

It’ll take all of us teachers, healers, therapists, and coaches to develop humanity and align as many of us as possible to make this vision happen.

I became a teacher and creator as a result of struggling, understanding, healing, growing, optimizing my life, and living my utmost purpose with fulfillment. I believe you can too.

One day, I stopped teaching all my courses, including for UCLA, and set out to write a book. To tell the world how I had found freedom from suffering and life a joyful life.

I discovered it took me and others five stages and the fifth stage, Optimization, was about having a full spectrum of what I saw as LIFE Intelligence.

I have been teaching these five stages of Life Intelligence to people from all over the world. Traveling, engaging people of all backgrounds, and teaching by modeling being an optimized human has been greatly rewarding.

Going from a trauma-ridden pained soul to a fulfilling life and profession. Wow, what a difference, one I worked hard to achieve. And now I can give you the secret, the path, and guidance to achieve the same.

I have the vision to train 1000 people within the next three years and optimize 1 billion people before I leave this planet.

Together, We Create an Army of Optimized Teachers, Trainers, and Therapists, Who Will Revive Humanity and Our Beloved Planet.

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MLO I: Mindfulness Meditation & Mindful Living
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