Wish List

To donate cash go to: Donation

Generosity is the foundation of happiness. Mindful Valley, your Mindfulness center, has come to be due to the generosity of the community. It is said that when we give to those who bring goodness into the world we reap a much higher benefit from our giving than from other ways we give.

Here is an opportunity for you to pracatice generosity and kindness. May it bring goodness into your home and life.

The list below is fluxuating and changing. We may not have had the chance to delete or update. Please look through, see what you’d like to donate and call the center, ask for Kathy to make sure that item is still needed.

  • Small refrigerator
  • Tea, brown sugar
  • Sink (large enough to wash something other than hands) and cabinet for the bathroom
  • blankets (Soft, not slippery – 10)
  • Strong easel & flip charts
  • One computer set with Microsoft Word installed
  • Cleaning supplies, toilet papers, paper towels
  • Office supplies, paper clips, folders, print paper
  • Office depot gift card
  • Microwave Oven