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Workplace Mindfulness: Leadership Development, Stress Reduction & More

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

By Manijeh Motaghy,

UCLA Affiliate Mindfulness Teacher

and Doctor of Psychology in Management Consulting


We offer Workplace Mindfulness programs to relieve stress, enhance employee experience and increase employer benefits. Our sister company, Mindful Business Institute was created to provide state of the art, latest trainings to corporations and organizations who are conscious about their human resource. Our carefully designed program called Mindful Employee (ME) is customized to suite the needs and specs of our clients.

Why Mindfulness is the Solution?

Work environments can be stressful. With goals and demands of deadlines and supervisors, employees can be overwhelmed. Their health maybe in jeopardy. Occupational stress is not only harmful to employees, but also costly to employers in terms of increased health-care expenses and decreased employee attendance, moral and performance.

Dow Chemical Company reported the results of Mindfulness training as:

  • Reduction in burnout, perceived stress, fast food consumption
  • Increase in fruit and vegetable consumption and continued improvements despite stressful work circumstances, including a round of layoffs and a plant closing.
  • A cost-benefit analysis projected possible cost savings of up to $22,580 per year per employee due to decreased employee burnout.

Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine,

More Studies Concluding the Benefits of Mindfulness training in the Workplace:

Intel’s 9-week Mindfulness program yielded:

  • 20% decrease in stress
  • 30% increase in wellbeing & happiness
  • 20% increase in creativity and new ideas

Aetna’s Mindfulness-based wellness program:

  • 7% decrease in health cost
  • 30% reduction in stress
  • 69 minutes gain in productivity / week

2011 Appropriate Response impact study found:  50% improvement in employee communication, collaboration, conflict management and coaching.

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