Youth Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness Retreats For You and Your Kids.

Nov 17: Full-Day 10:30am to 5:30pm

Calabasas, CA

Dec 8: Half-Day from 10am to 2pm

West Hills, CA



We now provide a Youth Mindfulness Retreat along with our traditional day-long Mindfulness Retreat for adults. While adults participate in their own day of retreat, our Mindful Family teacher, will take the youth through fun and calming Mindfulness activities.

Our children are the most precious things /beings we have in our lives. We often wish that we had the opportunity as a kid to practice Mindfulness so we wouldn’t be nervous, anxious, worry and fearful when things go wrong. Well, here is an opportunity for both you and your children to learn these techniques. Most importantly, learning how to love oneself, be compassionate and connected with the family, community and support system.

During the Youth Mindfulness Retreat, they will practice to have a present mind to take actions through clarity and calm. At this day-long Mindfulness Retreat, everything is taken care of for you and your family to practice in a peaceful environment away from the grudge of the daily life. We offer a home cooked vegetarian soup for the day-long retreats, tea, drinking water and other snacks. Please feel free to provide other food more suitable for your child.

On the agenda is a Mindfulness talk/ discussion, Mindful eating and engaging in yogi jobs, light Mindful stretching, walking meditation, napping meditation, Mindful activities in a natural setting.  The retreat is held at a peaceful and beautiful private home in a relaxing and spacious environment. Join us with your kids to grow and deepen peacefulness, mindful communication, Loving/Kindness, attentiveness, focus and mutual respect.

It is all right here, right now.

Only if I could be with whatever is present with me,
Only if I could sit and not resist,
Only if I would not take anything personal,
Only if I could resort to my own inner joy,
Only if I knew how nothing is for sure,
Only if I were here now
Perfectly Here, with no clinging or conflict.
Peacefully here now…..(poem by Manijeh Motaghy)


No prior classes or experience with meditation is necessary.


9320 Hartman Way, West Hills CA 91304 – Parking is free – You will receive further instructions and directions upon your sign-up.


Dr. Manijeh Motaghy Founder, Executive Director, and Teacher at Perfectly Here. Manijeh is an Authorized Mindfulness teacher through UCLA MARC and holds a Doctorate in Psychology of Organization Management. She is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Business Institute. Manijeh has years of personal experience practicing Mindfulness and teaching, nationally and internationally. For more on her bio, click on her name above.

Joel McNenny: Joel is our Mindful Family instructor. His background is in Professional Counselling and School Counselling. Joel is a warm hearted, approachable with a sense of humor.  He loves to teach families and constantly looks for ways to enhance his curriculum. Joel has taught for Perfectly Here for the past 3 years receiving rave reviews.

*If you are in need of financial assistance we may have an opportunity for work-exchange/volunteer work to assist the teachers. Please only do so if you are experiencing true financial hardship. Please write to

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Refunds are given if requested within 7 days in advance of the day of the retreat with a $25 administrative fee. There is no refund after this date. We may offer partial credit towards future retreats within 90 days of this retreat. Refunds should be requested by emailing:

Notice various dates for the rest of 2019. Half-days and Day-long retreats.

Note Discounts for 2 or more siblings.