Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Founder & Guiding Teacher

Dr. Motaghy has taken our offerings from one dimensional Mindfulness training to Mindful Life Optimization. This approach is deeply imbedded in wisdom, compassion, psychology, and science. Her personal development book, “It’s Not Easy to Be Human: A Guide to Optimize the Inner Navigation System; An Asset To Personal, Professional and Planetary Success ” is a Compassionate Journey and Method to Overcome Self-Created Suffering, Succeed with Fulfillment, and Promote Planetary Well-Being with Real Stories and Research-Based Insights. due to be released in October 2024. This book can empower therapists, coaches, and spiritual teachers to raise the bar on their success and client improvement.

Looking for the truth and peace, Manijeh has communed with nature to understand the truths of life ever since she was two years old. She started practicing yoga in 1994 and came to Mindfulness in an undergrad class in 2004. Being overjoyed by finally finding formal guidance, she delved deeply into the experiential Mindfulness practices that incorporate the full spectrum of Buddhist teachings. She feels blessed to have teachers like Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Pasanno, Diana Winston, and other non-secular experts. Manijeh is also of a scientific mind and incorporates logic and latest science into her work.

**Dr. Motaghy is a contributor and editor for the Planet Positive 2030 through IEEE and Stanford University under Strong Sustainability by Design, Global Methodology. See her contributions here.

Manijeh is a compassionate soul, author, international speaker, teacher, and trainer. She is the founder of Perfectly Here and has designed, published, and implemented numerous training models including COMANDS: Seven Skills/Traits of Effective Leadership, Mindful Employees (ME), and countless other courses. Dr. Motaghy’s cumulative work is a comprehensive training model called Life Intelligence: A Three-Dimensional Mindfulness Approach and the Human Software Optimization Model copyrighted in 2020.

She is an Organizational Psychologist, certified by Mindful NYU to lead and develop Conscious Leaders and Teams, a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator by the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Board of Behavioral Sciences, and an Authorized MAPS Teacher for UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

She is an AI Ethics and Imperatives enthusiast and a contributor to two committees to further the success of the Stanford Planet Positive 2030 project.

Her 20 Year Vision is to Regenerate Humanity and the Planet to leave a better world for this and future generations by training the global community on how to live in an interdependent reality with consideration for all life so that everyone and everything can flourish.

She has led 100+ daylong retreats and designed and taught hundreds of mindfulness courses, workshops, presentations, and training for both private and public academic sectors such as Disney Imagineering, Health Net of California, Motion Picture Television, LAUSD, California State Universities, Campbell Hall, Chapman School of Law, and at both state-wide and global professional conferences. For a full resume go here.

RELATED TRAINING & EXPERIENCE: Dr. Motaghy continues to study and practice Mindfulness and other Buddhist teachings with teachers at the Abhayagiri Monastery as well as other secular groups. As a dedicated practitioner and teacher, she infuses mindfulness in all her training, consulting, and speaking engagements to optimize success and well-being for all involved.


2023 10 Day Silent Retreat with Abhayagiri

2022 10 Day Silent Retreat with Abhayagiri

2021 Four-day Retreat with Diana Winston on Awareness Practices

2020-22 InnerMBA through Sounds True Certified Degree by NYU

2014 – 2024 seven-days dharma & meditation at Abhayagiri (annually)

2014 Studied for a year with Trudy Goodman, the Guiding Teacher at InsightLA, DPG

2014 Day-long Retreat with Venerable Panavati

2014 Authorized UCLA MAPS course teacher

2013 10 Day Silent Dharma and meditation at Angeles Center

2013 7 Day Dharma and meditation at the Abhayagiri

2013 Mindfulness Facilitation Certification from UCLA, Mindful Awareness Center

2012 Day-long Retreat with Rumi Rooms, Palos Verdes, CA

2012 2-day retreat with Will Kabat Zinn, Insight LA

2011 6-months CORE Advanced Buddhist Teachings Class, Daniel Davis, West Hills

2011 Day-long retreat by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Day-long Sunlun Retreat

2010 One Year Advance Buddhist Teachings Class, Daniel Davis, West Hills, CA

2009 – 2023 (10-day Silent Retreats/annually)

2009-12 14-Day mindfulness & Dharma practice at the Abhayagiri Monastery

2007-2012 18 Basics of Mindfulness Course – Mindful Valley

2008 10-Day Silent Monastic Retreat – Angela Center, CA

2007 One Day Mindfulness Retreat – Insight LA

2007-2013 Mentored by Daniel Davis on Buddhist teachings

1994-present Yoga, Mindful Living


The number of offerings provided after this year is too long to list, which include seminars, workshops, courses, trainings, retreats, etc.

2017 – Disney Imagineering – Team Development with Mindfulness

2013-2023 MAPS I & II for UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center CA

2012 Facilitates Weekly Meditation Community, West Hills, CA

2012 Designed and Co-Facilitated Work-Life Balance Retreat: Integrating Mindfulness into Accountability, Palos Verdes, CA

2012 Mindfulness workshop, Staff/ Interns, San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Clinic Van Nuys CA

2012 Presented Mindfulness workshop for Mental Health professionals at Cal State Univ Northridge, CA

2012 Co-presented Mindfulness for teachers, staff, and health care providers at LAUSD, District 1

2012 Presented Mindfulness for Mental Health professionals at The Whole Child, Whittier, CA

2012 Presented Mindful Communication for Toastmaster Learning Institute, Glendale College, CA

2011 Provided Mindfulness of Strengths training for four different departments at Health Net Inc., CA.

2011-present Provide Mindfulness Training for WeSpark Cancer Support Center – Encino, CA

2011 Presented Mindful Communication for the Academy of BioScience, Pepperdine University, CA

2011 Provided Mindfulness Workshops for JAS Recreational Therapists, Malibu, CA

2011 Provided Mindful Time Management Workshop for Girls Scouts of America, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Provided Mindfulness-Based Strategic Planning – American Society of Training & Development

2010 Co-presented Mindfulness Meditation – Motion Picture & Television Fund

2010 Co-designed CEU course curriculum for the Board Behavioral Sciences Certification process

2010 Created Mindful Valley’s Advisory Board

2010 Designed and co-taught “Effective Management, Mindfulness Tools & Workshops – Meetup

2010 Coordinated Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course – Mindful Valley

2009-present Coordinated &Co-facilitated over 30 monthly day-long retreats – Mindful Valley

2009 Designed curriculum and taught mindfulness-based professional development class “Be The Master of Your Own Livelihood” – Mindful Valley

2008-present Coordinates weekly Sitting Group – Mindful Valley


2021 & 2022 – Three InnerMBA Certificates from New York University

2014 – Authorized UCLA MAPS course teacher

2013 – Certification of Mindfulness Facilitation from UCLA, Mindful Awareness Center

2008 – PsyD. in Organization Management Consulting – Phillips Graduate Institute

2005 – BA in Psychology – Cal State Channel Islands.