The Greatest Movement of the 21st Century

Optimizing Humanity and Planet Regeneration.

A Perfectly There 2042 Vision

Dr. Manijeh Montaghy

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

“When we’re trained to live in an interdependent reality, we have consideration for all life, and everything flourishes.”

Welcome to a World with Happiness and Interdependence: A Vision for 1 Billion People Optimized by 2042

Our Founder’s message:

This is a pivotal time in the human history, a stark reminder that our approach to life has reduced our planet’s resilience and the capacity to regenerate itself. Throughout the history of humanity, we’ve attempted, in countless ways, to create comfort, longevity, wealth, and resolve our own issues of discontentment and inequalities. Yet, we are far from it.

We can see how we’ve not only not resolved human issues, our ways of life and consumption has brought our beloved planet Earth to rapidly move away from safety and abundance towards destruction. Fires creating their own climates, temperatures rising in some places while plummeting in other locations, floods, desertification, deforestation, carbon footprint, and climate change are all threatening life for today and the future. All of this adds to a myriad of anxieties already threatening our sense of well-being and happiness. Loosing our locus of control.

It’s time for each individual to develop new perspectives and ways of life that bring life into balance and harmony. We believe we have the answer in the form of our training solution, which can help build a better future for humanity and our planet.

We are allied with many organization that work in sustainability, AI to implement a Mindful Life Optimization program.

Issues We Address:

1. Human dissatisfaction has not been resolved, causing more unhappiness and problems. Considerable advancements in science, medicine, culture, religion, philosophy, and art have not been able to solve the issues of biases, inequality, identity crisis, stress, worry, and general unhappiness that many are facing. We are not properly programmed to understand life and lack many skills to live an integrated life.

2. This unskillfulness has also caused environmental issues that are not only detrimental for the planet, but they also perpetuate anxiety and unhappiness. We continue to be traumatized and cause trauma, which are worsened by rising eco-anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

Mindful Life Optimization Training Solutions:

Every single one of us, regardless of our roles and identities in the world, is responsible for our consumptions, trash, usage of transportation, energy, and any and all other resources we humans have come to rely on. Each person, whether we live as a single person or as the head of a family or a corporation or in governments, needs to be educated in the natural systems and laws that govern our lives, To develop a more intimate relationship with the planet that we reside on and most importantly to understand what it means to live a human life. We do not come to this world pre-programmed. Our life templates are outdated, incomplete, and defective a lot of times. We need a good comprehensive training to live a fulfilling life.

Mindful Life Optimization Program will teach you,

  1. How our brains work, emotions are created, biases are embedded, the quality of our lives depends on our programming and how to be happy independent of roles, identities, and anything outside of yourself.
  2. A deeper understanding of the complexities of our environment and how we can impact a positive change.
  3. A reprogramming process and methodology you can learn, heal by, transform yourself and teach others
  4. Life skills to re-create a lifestyle that could heal and empower our planet to regenerate itself back to a thriving state

It’s time to take action. Join us and begin mastering happiness & interdependence today and secure a brighter tomorrow. Together we optimize 1 billion humans on earth.

Add your voice to this important transformational work by registering to our courses, becoming trained in teaching them, changing lifestyle, and advocating for humanity and the planet.

Why a 20-Year Vision?

Many organizations, rightfully so, are acting with urgency, setting goals and visions to return the planet to a thriving status within the next 10-15 years.

This includes the United Nation’s 17 Sustainability Goals, and Stanford’s Planet Positive 2030 (which is really 8 years). As our area of expertise is in human development, we believe rewiring the brain and changing lifestyles take a lifetime to develop especially in the magnitude of global efforts.

This needs to be an ongoing educational and developmental process to include the future generation. Hence, we settled on a 20-year effort and of course continuing beyond 2042.

20 Year Vision
Being Perfectly Here

What It Takes to Be Perfectly There

Before being Perfectly There, we need to be Perfectly Here.

Being Perfectly Here begins with learning Mindfulness of our thoughts, feelings, choices, our processes. To observe, investigate, understand, develop, transform, and optimize our lives one moment and one area at a time.

Please try this now. Look at an object to the right or left of you. Really look at it. How does this object serve you? What is it made out of? Can you remember the intention, hope, and joy you had when you got it? Try and reconnect and notice the change in your present moment experience.

We utilize our founder’s LIFE Optimization Methodology, which incorporates A Five-Stage Human Software Optimization in 3-Dimensions of Life Intelligence. Basically, a 3-Dimensional Mindfulness Approach.

What is 3-Dimensional Life Intelligence?

Without essential intelligence, we continue to live unsatisfying lives and cause harm to others and our environment.

Today, we have access to information and intelligence through science, artificial intelligence, technology, and robotics unlike we have ever had before.

However, the regeneration of the planet cannot happen without regenerating human perspective and conduct.

See below how Dr. Manijeh Motaghy describes the 3-Dimensional Life Intelligence, 3DLQ.

3d Essential Life

3-Dimensional Life Intelligence, 3DLQ is Life Optimization through understanding and aligning with the core values of non-harming, stewardship, and harmony with an interconnected and interdependent web of links that are necessary for the survival and thriving of all life forms.

These dimensions are governing Systems, Planetary Resources, and Human experience and conduct. Wisdom, development, and alignment with these core values will ensure safety and wellbeing of all creatures and result in a state of thriving for humanity and the planet.

~ Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Summary of the Three Dimensions of Life Intelligence


First, Our Objectives

  • The Dimension of Systems– Considering both natural and constructed systems govern our lives we have three training objectives:

    1. Understanding the intricacies of how we impact systems both individually and collectively, at micro and macro levels, and using this impact and power Mindfully and wisely.
    2. To develop skills that align us with natural systems in order to reduce stress, anxiety, and harmful consequences.
    3. To assess and redesign constructed systems for more effectiveness.
  • The Dimension of Planet Earth – The training objectives in the planet dimension are

    1. Understanding how the planet works and what keeps it thriving
    2. Implementing Mindfulness in our choices and actions to promote sustainability and growth for all life.
  • The Dimension of Human Specie – Training objectives in the Human dimension include the following but are not limited to the following.

    1. Understanding how the human brain and emotions work, how biases form, how our brains wire themselves to others, and
    2. To create conditions and skills that lead us to live fulfilled and successful lives
    3. To improve our relationship with ourselves, society, our mates, and livelihood, and align with an interdependent reality.
Dimensions of Mindfulness
Education and Training Path

Educational and Training Path

A Five-Stage Human Software Optimization Modality (HSO training) is adaptable to individuals of any background and customizable to families and teams.

HSO also can be used to increase the outcomes for trainers, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, teachers, and everyone else who aims to train others.

Copyrighted by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy to keep its power and process intact. Please refer to this material with prior permission and use proper references.

2042 PERFECTLY THERE VISION: A Global Community, High In Mindfulness and Life Intelligence.

3DLQ: Systems Dimension

In 2042, human societies around the globe are Mindful of the Systems Dimension of Life Intelligence. They have a deep understanding of their role in the movement, direction, and impact of systems. They care for and respect natural systems that govern all life. They’ve devised intelligent systems and modified existing one’s, such as laws that govern people, societies, and resources, business models, and other global systems such as Artificial Intelligence to align with the inner workings of interdependence.

An integral goal of business is to operate wisely, protect, and preserve natural resources while serving the needs of all inhabitants of our planet.

Having gone through HSO, the Human Software Optimization, training, employees, agents, and volunteers in all sectors provide intelligent and caring ideas, solutions, and strategies to continue resolving global issues and maintaining progress.

Employers are grateful for their people force. They engage and support employees to create lasting positive legacies.

Consumers are more connected and wiser about their consumption and how they acquire their needs. Their purchases contribute to the balance between wellness, prosperity for people, and planetary boundaries.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Neurotechnology are some of the other massive constructed systems. Having gone through HSO training stakeholders are involved in ethical practices in every step of innovation, digital products, and services, design, and development. They follow shared unified ethical policies and a caring vision to benefit people, the planet, and the future generations.

Regenerate planet -perfectly here 2042 vision

3DLQ: Planet Dimension

It is 2042. Having gone through a transformational and optimizing Life Intelligence, the global community is Mindful of the one home we all share.

This transformation shifted the planet to thrive and produce bountiful resources. Humans have seen how no other specie leaves any trash behind, Through scientific studies, personal experiences, and mistakes that caused so much destruction, they awakened to their role and impact on life.

They began implementing lifestyles that keep the planet in balance for themselves and the future generations.

As we continued to increase LQ globally, the quality of life improves to cleaner healthier standards.

Humans recognize the natural strengths, uniqueness, and contributions of all 7.8 million species.

They have implemented measures that prevent species endangerment. People high in LQ live interdependently.

They interact with others and the environment / the planet and all its inhabitants with kindness and gratitude.

Sustainability is a norm around the globe.

3DLQ: Human Species Dimension

In Perfectly There 2042 Vision humans are high in Life Intelligence. Parents love, respect, and honor one another. They live with presence, flexibility, and role model for future generations.

Consequently, society’s view of elders and teachers is one of respect and supportiveness.

Growing up in an environment high in Life Intelligence, children feel joyful, loved, and response-able for their impact on life.

Most significantly, they grow into young adults who feel confident, supported, and engaged in creating and sustaining their own bright futures. They create the next generation of parents high in LQ.

Humanity has resolved diversity issues. Like many outdated agendas, color, race, and set ideas of sexuality are concepts of the past.

Gender inequalities have found their balance and neurodiverse communities flourish across the globe through knowledge, justice, equity, creativity, and development. See 2021 global gender gap Report.

News media are reconnected with truth and practice wise intentions of non-harming and goodwill for all. They understand and have the means to connect, unite, and care for the planet, people, and all life.

Dr. Manijeh

Strategic Plan

As we develop a detailed strategic plan to achieve this 2042 Vision, we continue to unite with scholars, experts, innovators, and thought leaders, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations around the globe to educate, transform, and secure a fulfilling, peaceful, and bountiful life, accessible to all inhabitants of this planet earth. We are open to incorporating offerings from old wisdom practices and modern innovative brick-and-mortar methodologies, both local and global. Life Intelligence is The Survival of Our Species.

Accountability Reform

This is a Preventative Accountability Model. We reform accountability from taking responsibility for one’s actions after the fact to accountability before we experience the impact of the results of actions. Accountability is seen as the ability to account for causes, conditions, and effects. Through our training, people will develop the mental skills to account for their thoughts, choices, actions, and impact, course correct when needed, and improve all outcomes. Skillful living is the outcome.

Here are some of the components of our strategic plan. Please feel free to contact us and be a part of this development.

  1. TRAINING MODEL – Five Stage Human Software Optimization Modality – Increasing Life Intelligence.
  2. EDUCATORS – We continue to train those interested to be a part of this vision and legacy. A global team of trained and optimized experts from various walks of life
  3. A COALITION OF ALLIES– see a growing list below. As we develop a detailed strategic plan to achieve our 2042 Vision, we continue to unite with scholars, experts, advisors, innovators, and thought leaders, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations around the globe to educate, transform, and secure a fulfilling, peaceful, and bountiful life accessible to all inhabitants of this planet earth. Increased Life Intelligence is the Solution for Survival of Our Species.
  4. SCALING – through online and AI Globalization
  5. The Infrastructure for Delivery, Scaling, Implementation, Quality Control, and Longevity – Click Here
  6. FINANCIAL RESOURCES – Need investors and donors to help obtain the necessary staff and other resources to fulfill this training project, locally and globally.

We envision by Perfectly Here 2042 vision, fear, doubt, confusion, biases, greed, hatred, dominance, and ignorance are at the lowest possible levels. Humans do not judge unskillful behaviors harshly. A greater community of those high in Life Intelligence embrace and train others to act responsibly. In this vision, no one feels alone.

This is Not A Dream

As we develop a detailed strategic plan to achieve this 2042 Vision, we continue to unite with scholars, experts, innovators, and thought leaders, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations around the globe to educate, transform, and secure a fulfilling, peaceful, and bountiful life, accessible to all inhabitants of this planet earth. We are open to incorporating offerings from old wisdom practices and modern innovative brick-and-mortar methodologies, both local and global. Life Intelligence is The Survival of Our Species.

Please join us in our efforts to educate people globally and make sustainability and skillful living a norm.

Contact us

Resources and Allies Who Contribute to A Safe and Bountiful Planet:

Please note: While we have faith in the intention behind those companies and experts we name here, we do not assume any responsibility for any wrongdoing or misrepresentation on their behalf. We are merely intending to strengthen our efforts to improve human knowledge and our educational material. We base our trust on their mission, vision, and expert area in good faith.

If you are interested to join us in this amazing endeavor and share a powerful legacy of preserving and creating a better quality life for all, please send an email to .

Sustainable Development Goals

Dr. Motaghy’s 2042 Educational and Training Vision is supportive of several categories and subcategories of the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals. For FREE courses offered by Learning for Nature click here.


Dr. Motaghy has a 9-year record as an Affiliate Mindfulness Teacher for UCLA MARC – Mindful Awareness Research Center is one of the leading secular Mindfulness education providers in the world.


Dr. Motaghy regularly contributes to discussions on the Ethics and Imperatives of AI through MKAI, one of the leading AI organizations in the world comprising of an inclusive community of diverse thinkers that together are shaping the future of Ethical Artificial Intelligence, Web3, and Metaverse. Learning ResourcesAI & Sustainability


Dr. Motaghy is a contributor to the Committee on Global Methodologies and Sustainable Workforce Opportunities and solutions to accomplish Stanford University – Advancing Technology For A Sustainable Planet – Planet Positive 2030 – See the First Meeting of all Chapter/Committees at Stanford, July 25 & 26, 2022

Inner Mba

Dr. Motaghy is a Graduate of the InnerMBA program: A leadership program that teaches you how to lead from within and bring your deepest values to business. The program features leading wisdom teachers, business academics, and researchers, as well as conscious CEOs.


Dr. Motaghy has been learning and practicing skillful living through teachers at Abhayagiri, a Buddhist Monastery in Northern California in the lineage of Ajahn Cha, dedicated to providing space for people to cultivate and incorporate the teaching of the Buddha into their lives.

Dr. motang

Dr. Motaghy intends to include training about B-Corporations, a corporate structure that provides strategic guidance and governance for Making Business a Force For Good. People, Profit, Planet.

free education material

Here’s a link to some FREE educational material offered by the UN Learning for Nature click here.


Dr. Motaghy is working with the Global Director of Labor Excellence at Maersk to develop the Perfectly There’s 2042 strategic plan and build a global community of teachers, trainers, and leaders who are enthusiastic about Regenerating Humanity and the Planet. Maersk is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Maersk is committed to Labor Excellence globally, cleaning the oceans, and leaving the planet better than they found it. See Maersk’s Sustainability ReportWatch Maersk Ocean Cleanup Project.