Perfectly Here was established in 2007 under Mindful Valley. We are a leading Mindfulness Meditation training organization who has served the greater Los Angeles and beyond. Most importantly, we provide high quality Mindfulness training by combining scientific research, psychology and wisdom practices. Our programs include a mixture of UCLA Certified courses along with custom designed classes created by our founder and Mindfulness instructor, Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, and her team of teachers. These programs include Mindfulness for parents, teen and children, retreats, drop-in sessions, and specialized courses for relationships and communication, ADHD and more. We offer Buddhist teachings for those who are interested to know more than Mindfulness.  Perfectly Here is a 501C3 non-profit organization and relies on the generosity of it supporters to keep our programs alive. We offer discounts to First Responders, Veterans and their immediate family members.  Please consider contributing to these funds so that we may continue supporting them. Please browse our site and let us know if there are any other areas, you would like us to provide Mindfulness training and classes. Thank you for visiting and be well.

“You cannot change anything until you learn how to.” Manijeh Motaghy

Do You Know The Difference Between Gratitude and Love?

Many people mistake the feeling of “Gratitude” for “Love.” They think when someone is good to them, helps them, praises them and is generous to them, they feel love for that person. But, in fact, when you actually love someone, an emotion that quivers the heart is present. Additionally, the mind is moved to be good to the one you love. You become attentive to their needs. Do things for them, which make them happy, help them have an easier time in life. Offering words of comfort, encouragement and praise without any expectation.
So, don’t mistake your love for someone, when it’s really gratitude you feel for their love and kindness. If you claim to love, then your behaviour must be inline with the feeling you call love. Otherwise, it’s just you taking and taking and praising the other for giving.

Mindful Children

Our six-week course teaches children the simple yet profound tools of mindfulness. Through a variety of activities, the child learns where his/her feelings come from and how to better manage those emotions.

Mindful Teens

Through a variety of discussions and activities the youth learn where their feelings come from, how to manage those feelings, and how to take responsibility for their words and actions.

Mindful Parenting

Through a variety of teaching strategies, hands-on activities, group discussions and reflection, participants will practice Mindfulness meditation and learn how the tools of Mindfulness can be applied to everyday parenting challenges.

Advanaced Practices: The 4 Noble Truths & Eightfold Path

This class is for those who are interested in the supporting teachings of the Buddha to Mindfulness. For those who are curious, dedicated and determined to go deeper into the realm of the mind and the heart and taking further steps into the realm of freedom and happiness.

201: Part II – Strengthening the Basics Of Meditation

Focuses on how to develop more concentration, and how more confidence and wisdom can arise in our practice.

101: MAPs I: For Daily Living

This class lays the foundation for students to understand basic principles of mindfulness, develop a personal meditation practice, and to apply the principles in their daily life on an ongoing basis.

Mindfulness Meditation Sitting Group

Mindfulness Meditation is a one hour group sit including guided meditation (sitting as well as walking), group discussion/ short talk.


Moonlight Meditation

Come join us in West Hills for a wonderful group meditation that takes place only once a month. Stay tuned for next month’s moonlight meditation.


Awakening Through Mindfulness to a Magnificent Being!

The Becoming Alive course is designed to provide the space and guidance for participants to understand life and the ending of life at a more intimate level and ways to enrich living.

202: MAPS II – Cultivating Self Compassion

Mindfulness practices to work with self-critical thoughts, and self-compassion practices to nurture kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.

203: MAPS II – Cultivating Positive Emotions

Emphasizes on heart-based qualities that complement mindfulness and can be cultivated through meditation practices.

Mindfulness in Relationships & Interactions

Mindfulness in Relationships and Interactions

Learn what communication pitfalls are, the solutions and how to manage the three areas of attentiveness and interaction that make your relationships fulfilling and effortless.

Mindfulness for Adult ADHD: Improving Challenges & Strengths

Learn about your brain and how to improve all aspects of your life in a safe and encouraging environment. Discover the strengths of your brain type and identify ways to naturally excel.

Mindful Self-Compassionate Grieving

This class is for those who are interested in reducing the pain of grief and loss through compassionate means including family and friends who are affected by addiction and loss of loved ones due to addiction.

Support These Charities For Your Happy Mind.

Mindfulness for First Responders

Our First Responders not only face life-threatening situations but see some pretty horrendous things as well.  Due to this, many of them are left with sleepless nights and PTSD.  This then leads to divorce, suicide, and many other painful outcomes. So what can we do to help those who have helped us?

Studies have shown Mindfulness to be the answer. This fundraising campaign’s goal is to raise enough money to give prepaid classes to police, firefighters and EMTs. Join us in making a difference to these brave men and women today.

Veterans and First Responders Stress Release Initiative

Kuroosh Compassionate Recovery Program

Compassion is hard to hold on to while experiencing fear, worry, and chaos within the family system of addiction. Your support can help develop the heart of compassion and compassionate boundaries, which create the space for loving relationships.

Practicing loving/kindness, compassion and non-judgmental attitude helped change Kuroosh’s heart and direction. He became kinder, more generous, less selfish and isolated, more aware of others and how he could regulate his emotions and anxieties. He took opportunities to serve and motivate others. Through compassion practices, his demeanor and attitude towards others blossomed into gratitude, appreciation, and kindness.

You and your loved one can experience this as well. A respectful relationship. A compassionate and heartful interaction while drawing and holding firm boundaries to protect yourself.

Support The Kuroosh Compassionate Recovery Program

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“Learning about the obstacles to being happy and being able to identify them when I am experiencing them has helped me feel more calm and peaceful. As a result, I am better able to identify when I am making a story out of my struggles (obstacles) and can release myself from being fixated (stuck) on their repetitive story. As a result, I am able to be present in the here and now rather than get carried away in the story or obstacle.”

“I have always been struck by how Manijeh’s discipline, professionalism, and work ethic co-exist
so seamlessly with sensitivity, calmness, joy, dedication, and above all, kindness.” ∼ Peggy Palmer

“In Manijeh’s presence one is inspired!” ∼ Martin B.

imgres1Marilynn Record

“Somehow through the teachings and reinforcing the wisdom given in class I have been able to let go of the idea that I must suffer. I can see my reality in the moment and the ability to choose to not suffer which sometimes comes as a result of not wanting to see my reality and in my suffering my imaginings of the negative grow.

imgres1Randy Schultz

“Mindfulness has brought me a new level of calm!! Accepting what is. Bringing love and kindness to myself has given me a new found freedom”

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