Mindful Life Optimization

In 3-Domains of Life Intelligence:

Systems: Embodying Fundamental Principles that Govern Your Life & Work

Planet: Reconnecting with Earth and Its Abundance

Human: Optimizing Inner Navigation System and Capabilities

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It’s Not Easy to Be Human!

A Guide to Optimize Inner Navigation Capabilities and Asset to Ensure Personal, Professional, and Planetary Success

A Compassionate Journey and Method to Overcome Self-Created Suffering, Succeed with Fulfillment, and Promote Planetary Well-Being with Real Stories and Research-Based Insights.

By our Founder, Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

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MLO Corporate Training & Consulting

Optimizing Inner Navigation Asset

We provide a three dimensional Mindfulness approach with a four step process.

Our programs fill in the gap between what’s offered in traditional trainings for personal or team development or stress reduction. We understand the causes of human suffering and reasons behind human system failure.

Following the four steps below, we create the space and guidance to develop your teams, staff, and executives to Optimize Inner Navigation Asset. Our courses workshops, and retreats are customizable to their need for development.

Our Four-Step Process:

First, we meet with you, discuss complications, needs and areas for development that are suitable and essential both for your people’s development as well as organizational development.

Second, we implement an assessment survey to the designated members to evaluate their existing development in each of our Three Domains of Life Intelligence. This includes evaluating individuals’ life intelligence in emotional and behavioral patterns, stress and ease of living in their personal as well as professional lives, and their relationship to various systems and the environmental resources.

Third, we design a suitable developmental course(s)/workshop/program for training, picking from modules in each of the Life Intelligence Domains: (Systems that govern our lives, Planetary sustainability measures, living an effective and fulfilling Human life).

Fourth, we provide opportunities, guidance, and practices for continual development. Things they can do at home or at work.

Then, we can do a post survey/evaluation within 3-6 months to measure.

Meet Our Corporate Team

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, Founder, Author, Organizational Psychologist, NYU & UCLA Mindful, Dharma Teacher, MLO Designer

Matthew Law, MA in Mindfulness, Conscious Leadership Expert, NYU InnerMBA, MLO Global Liaison

Mary Aroyan, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner, MLO Professional in Training, MLO Ambassador

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Join Us to Mindfully Optimize Your Life & the Planet

The future of humanity and our planet is clear. Science has gained a full grasp of where we are headed. We, humans, have broken the earth’s boundaries, causing our home planet to rapidly move away from safety and a bountiful life towards destruction. We are left with having to deal with fires that create their own climate, temperatures rising, floods, deforestation, carbonization & climate change, not to mention the demise of countless other species.

It is time to set this titanic in the right direction and we believe we have the training solution to do so. Mindful Life Optimization, MLO Programs.

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Become A Mindful Life Optimization Professional, MLOP

My life has drastically changed. From chaos and confusion, pain and suffering to peace, contentment, order, and steadiness. I am not only happy but also developed the inner skills that keep me integrated, peaceful, and wise. My smile is right here, right now. I owe it all to the number of retreats I have attended, all these years. Change cannot happen without the work.” Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

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InnerMBA is designed by Sounds True, in partnership with LinkedIn, Wisdom 2.0, and Mindful NYU. This program features two online immersive events and a nine-month virtual curriculum. The Inner MBA program is taught by leading socially conscious CEOs, educators, neuroscientists, business trainers, and world-renowned wisdom teachers.

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Connection Hour

Connection-Hour: Nurturing a Global Beloved Community is part of our Lifelong Practice & Development Offering series. In these uncertain times, we have a chance to radiate our positive impact globally, more than ever. We understand that Mindfulness and conscious living are lifelong practices that require a commitment to happiness. Our commitment, practice, and development are enriched and nurtured by continual exposure to wise teachers and teachings and most importantly, by loving wise friends along the way. The events are FREE and Open to All.

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Our Teachers

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Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, Founder, Guiding Teacher, Program Designer

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Randy Shultz

Randy Shultz, Board Member & Sound Bath Performer, LOM Teacher Trainee

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